Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Poor Stella

We've never had to medicate Louie, but by far, Stella is the most difficult to give medicine to. She FIGHTS. It's a 2-person job, without fail. Poor baby has another UTI, so of course we medicate. We had to board her last weekend to make sure she got the medicine on time every day, and I have no idea how one person did it. When we picked her up, they gave us some new tricks to try, although I begged for a few syringes.

So, Drew swaddled her comfortably in a towel. I pinched her cheek so there was an opening in her lip. I squirted the medicine into her cheek. We let her swallow it, and then let her go. She growls, hisses, runs away, hides... and... well, here's what she does next:

I'm actually gonna give some big ups to (are you sitting down?) Nimbus here. He is so easy to give medicine to, you wouldn't believe it. He doesn't even fight. It's SHOCKING.


Drew said...

Nimbus is much smarter... and gets his revenge in other ways. Sigh.

cncz said...

the weird thing is that Couz was the sweeter of our two cats but he was the biggest queen when it came to medicine. He would stare you down and be like, "I'll spit it up, puke it up, and someone's going DOWN Reno style, it will take two hours and I still won't take it so boo-ya, and afterwards I will throw in two or three good furballs on precious items for good measure". He was like this giant, silently daring you to try and fail. Wesh, who is normally Carson from Queer Eye about everything else would just take medicine and walk off.
It is so cathartic to talk about Couz.

Regan said...

How does one person medicate a cat? Well, it includes hunting down the cat, forcing the cat to lay on her belly, sitting on the cat, and then shoving the syringe into the side of the mouth. THEN the one person ends up with cat spit and medicine all over their face as the cat freaks out. At this point the process starts all over again so the remaing meds can be administered.

At least, that's how it went this morning when Jason left for work and I realized we forgot to give Molly her meds.

Crawdaddy79 said...

Is your cat drooling or is it eating the blanket?

Becca said...

That picture is hilarious.