Saturday, May 27, 2006

Only in my car

While driving home from Drew's birthday supper, we were stopped by the police at a roadblock. I suspect they were making sure nobody was drinking and driving.

Drew: *rolls down window* Sup?
Officer: Can I see your license, sir?
Drew: Sure.
Took care of bidness, drove away...
Me: For future reference, honey, the appropriate greeting for an officer of the law is not "Sup."
Drew: *laughs* I wondered if you'd catch that. At least I didn't say "Sup, pig?"
Me: These are hard working men and women, risking their lives to protect yours every day. Next time, try "Good evening, officer, what can I do for you?"
Drew: How about "MMMm, must be Christmas, because I smell ham!"
Me: No. Also, never say "I don't have my license, how about a donut instead?"
Drew: Okay. I won't ever say "Sorry, sir, what was that? I just had my 6th Corona."
Me: Good. Also, "I knew I smelled bacon coming around that curve" would be bad.


hostagirl said...

I have enjoyed reading your posts and I enjoy the interactions between you and your husband and family. I have you filed in my favorites for easy access. And what a great achivement your mom just did! What a great fun life you all seem to have! Thanks for sharing with us.

shiksa said...

I would like you to know that I read these interactions to my husband while he is cooking and he laughs his arse off every time - and he wants you to know that the clamps are a very flattering look.