Friday, April 07, 2006

Yeah, gonna need some prayer

Drew has some sort of stomach issue. I don't know if this is the stomach flu or if we won't be frequenting Little Caesar's anymore, but either way, my poor husband is feeling absolutely dreadful.

I'm a little freaked out here. The last time this happened, the man had a heart attack. Part of the virus he had decided to make a trek up to his heart and attach itself to his coronary artery, causing the doggone thing to kink every time his heart beat. Next thing I know, my 25-year-old husband's having an angiogram done.

The fact that he's feeling crappy (and you can see it in his face, he's so pale) is breaking my heart, especially since I can't be near him and cuddle him like I want to. I should be immune, since I had the flu shot and didn't feel like pizza, but I still probably shouldn't be up in his business right now.

Please, please say a prayer for him. I don't want another repeat of his last stomach issue, and I just don't want him to feel bad. He's Superman to me, and I hate seeing him sick.


Peace is restored... for now. Took him to the ER. He got shot up with something magical, he fell asleep, brought him home, got him some prescriptions from CVS, he's sleeping it off. I hope that shot doesn't wear off... Thank y'all so much for your prayers. Remind me to tell y'all about our charming fellow ER patients.


Terri said...

I am praying for a quick recovery. Love you both!

javafoofoo said...

Oh gawd, I'm so glad to hear he's fine.

yay to prayers and good wishes!!


Becca said...

You know, I had a similar reaction the one and only time I ate Little Caesar's as well. I was barfing all night and sick as a dog! Never at there again!!!

Glad to hear he's feeling better and it's nothing serious.