Thursday, March 09, 2006

Insert curse word here

Well, dadgummit. Seriously, though I use funny words, I'd like to cry.

Several weeks ago (at least 3), I saw something on my collarbone that looked like a pimple that didn't quite have a head yet, but would soon, so I started squeezing away like I do with all pimples (I got everything else from my dad, why couldn't I get his completely blemish-free skin??). Well, it wasn't quite ready to pop, so I let it go for a while. 3 weeks later, it's the same size, the same color, absolutely no change. I honestly didn't notice it at all until it got to be this size. So, I went to the doctor after work today.

At first, I gave him the pimple story. He said "It's probably infected. I'd put some warm compresses on it, wait for it to surface, and then try to pop it." I told him I had tried that. Even tried zit cream. Nothing has worked so far, it hasn't surfaced.

"Hmm," he says. I hate when doctors say "hmm." Or "um" or "huh" or "uhhhhhh" or "you have allergies because you're fat." (True story.)

"It's been the same size and shape for this long, you say?" "Yes." Poke poke, squeeze squeeze. "Is it tender?" "No." "Well, I don't like it." Add that phrase to the above list.

"It may be a skin tumor called a fibroma. These are generally treated by dermatologists, but I'm going to refer you to a plastic surgeon. A dermatologist will want to biopsy it and then remove it, a plastic surgeon saves you the trouble of the biopsy. These are generally benign, but what if it's not?"

Look, I'm pretty versed in medical terms, as far as I'm concerned. I think anyone would be intimidated by the words "tumor," "biopsy," "remove" and "surgeon." He even busted out the c-word later, but I'm not going there. I realize that these terms don't always have malevolent meanings, but they're still... icky.

I'm not liking this, not one single bit. In fact, I'm seriously hating it. I wish I had a doctor I knew and trusted. Not saying I don't trust this guy, but when he hesitates to send me to someone specifically dealing in disorders of the skin and starts calling the person he is referring me to by his first name, I get bummed out. Call me crazy.

Hopefully my OB will be able to give me some words of wisdom. Or a referral to a dermatologist.


Waterfall said...

I had a big ole zit-looking thing on my face (actually on my temple next to my left eye) for about four months once. It wouldn't go away, wouldn't go away, and wouldn't go away, no matter how much I picked at it.

Finally it popped and went away. But it was there for a long time.

I think your doctor is being a little too concerned, but hey, better safe than sorry, I guess. I hope all is OK!

javafoofoo said...

It sounds like that doctor of yours is a complete idiot. I can vouch for what waterfall said. Not all pimples act alike. Anyway, how can you take a doctor seriously that says "you have allergies because you're fat."n What an ass...

either way, good luck with this sweetie. It does sound like the doc isgoing the better safe than sorry route, but still...

hugs and kisses

Melinda Barton said...

Don't freak out until you get a second opinion and some valid test results. I've been tested for cancer oodles of times in the last few years. It seems that the docs really want me to have cancer or something as often as they suggested it as a possibility. But no cancer. So, just see a dermatologist, get a better general practitioner, and save the worrying until there's something confirmed to worry about.