Monday, February 20, 2006

Sad, sad, sad.

Rant #1: If y'all ever needed proof that there are women in this world that have absolutely no respect for themselves, tune in sometime to the Vh1 gem "Flavor of Love." Flavor Flav is a deadbeat dad, a crackhead, and just an all around skeeze. I can completely understand Brigitte Nielsen getting all twitterpated over him, because a) she's not the brightest Scandinavian in the box and b) if she's in her 40's, I'm Mother Theresa. But seemingly normal (though ghetto) women running around fighting, screaming, crying over someone like this just boggles the mind. Yes, I understand there's money involved. (Though it's almost certainly Vh1's money, because it stands to reason that if Flavor had money, he'd pay his child support and buy himself a watch.) However, eating live cockroaches on a reality show garners considerably more respect than flaunting your massive assets and MAKING OUT with Flavor Flav. I actually gagged the first time I saw one of these women kiss him. It's a train wreck, y'all.

Rant #2: It is wholly irresponsible to purposely produce a child at the age of 62. Aside from my issues with IVF, when that child is graduating from highschool, if she's still alive, she will be 80. How, exactly, will she chase after this child? How will she carry him? Look, if you have an accident, fire away - Drew was a later-in-life "surprise" - but his mom was 42, and did a fantastic job raising him. But please, do not play God to create a child you know you can't take care of. Don't create a child you're going to die on when he's still young. Don't aspire to change diapers when you're in diapers.

Rant #3: It is morally reprehensible to create a television program designed to suck people in and ignore their own lives to follow. I have regrettably become attached to American Idol, but only because of Taylor Hicks (the grey-haired one). I really, really hate myself for this, y'all. I always watch the auditions, but never, ever past the auditions. Never. But I love Taylor Hicks. He reminds me a lot, for some reason, of my friend Dave. He doesn't look like him, per se, but he's got the same kind of shy mannerisms, and he's got some amazing talent. I will be watching tomorrow night, and like everyone half my age, I will be voting. Voting. On the next American Idol. Heaven help me.


shiksa said...

Flava Flav is gross. He was gross with Brigitte and he's gross with these other women, and for crying out loud, can't the man afford good dental care? And child support?

Melinda Barton said...

Now, you've done it. I'm going to be thinking of Dave singing and dancing when I watch American Idol! Not that I watch it... I mean... Yeah. Okay, in my defense, I also read books on quantum physics for fun. So there!