Sunday, February 19, 2006

Maternity wear

I said at the beginning of my pregnancy that I would be wearing nothing but yoga pants and t-shirts when I started showing. (Just like what I wear when I'm not showing.) I don't think I'm showing much yet, but well, stuff ain't fittin'. On thin pregnant girls, stuff not fittin' is cute. On the big pregnant girls, stuff not fittin' is BAD. Clothes cling in all the wrong places.

When I started working again in January, I said I'd stop when everything stopped fitting. I very seriously thought that my kid had a lot of padding to grow through and I'd be able to work for a whole lot longer. Wrong. I put one shirt on the other day that is usually SO cute on me, but boy, stretching it over the "girls" and my big ol' belly made for a disappointing, if not amusing, effect.

And, oh, the choices for plus-size maternity wear. I went to Motherhood Maternity at the local mall last week, and their plus-size section was about as big as my guest bathroom. Yes, I do mean that literally. Maybe a 4x8 section. And everything was expensive - I bought two shirts for a grand total of 64 bones. I cannot afford to buy a whole new work wardrobe (at least 7 shirts and 3 pairs of pants) at those prices. Well, I can afford it, but I ain't payin' it. I'd rather get a facial.

I can't find much online, and while I did bid on one shirt on eBay, most of their maternity wear in my size is UGLY. Seriously, go look up 3x maternity clothes on eBay. Who wears denim shirts anymore?? Not to mention most of it is casual. If only I weren't one of the best temps they had. I can't go to work for a CEO in my favorite Hornets sweatshirt and yoga pants.

Listen, if you start a company making attractive, cheap plus-size maternity wear, I will be your biggest investor, no pun intended.

Whine whine whine. Y'all know I'd rather spend the next 6 months naked with no job than not be pregnant right now. It's just that I do make good money temping, and I'd like to pay for everything we need for the baby on my money alone, leaving Drew's money to head into savings. There's this $200 stroller/carrier/car seat that I really, really want, and Drew gets grumpy every time I mention it. And yes, I know I can put everything on my registry, but I'd rather buy the things we need and put the stuff we want on the registry.

By the way, I'm 14 weeks now, which places me solidly in my 2nd trimester. (People disagree on when that starts, but 14 weeks is pretty much the cutoff.) Yay me! Yay Young'n!


cncz said...

Have you tried H&M online? their maternity section is so cute in fact i bought something maternity there just to wear because i thought it was cute. seriously, look online. the plus size section goes to a european 56, and i have no idea what that is, but i'm pretty sure you are way smaller than that considering 48 is size 16 us. see what is available in the us, and then check the swiss site. i will pick something up if you can't buy online in the us.

javafoofoo said...

I don't care how big you are or how small you are. When anyone's pregnant, it's cute!! In the ned, it's not about how you look when caring a little bundl;e of joy, but how you treat what's in ya'!

Repeating what CNCZ said, haven't you checked online? There's gotta be a lot of good choices for ya out there. I can't imagine the entire world of fashin folks only making cute maternity clothes for itty bitty things. "Seek and ye shall find..."


Surviving said...

I definately understand how you feel. With my oldest son, I just bought some larger size dresses to wear to work. But my little one would kick the waist band of any pants I wore. Here are a couple of sites that have things that aren't too expensive.

Surviving said...

I just remembered JcPennys also has some plus size maternity clothes. They usually don't have them in the store, you would need to order them online.

Melinda Barton said...

They make clothes for people big enough to eat you for breakfast, so there must be something out there for you. If I weren't simply a platonic friend who utterly respects your marriage, there would be dirty comments here about you walking around naked and pregnant. But I am, so I'll reserve the nastiness.

shiksa said...

There are some cute things on sale online at Gap Maternity, as well as Target's Liz Lange Maternity line. My mom said there's no sense in investing in serious amounts of clothes that you will instantly outgrow in a few weeks - I think she did the oversized denim shirt and yoga pants thing for a long time :)