Thursday, February 16, 2006

Mama poll

For all my blog readers who have children (or know children well enough to have known their fetal heart rate), what are their sexes and what, approximately, were their fetal heart rates?

I had a dream two nights ago that I was having an ultrasound and found out that I'm having a boy. I woke up, looked at my belly, and said "Hi Andrew!" I even called Drew at work and told him "We're having a boy!" I have strange dreams, but sometimes they come eerily close to predictions. Ask me about the Civil War soldier sometime.

Anyway, now, because of an old wives' tale, I'm questioning myself. I told my co-worker about my dream and she asked what my baby's heart rate is. Wondering where she was going with this, I told her that it's been in the 160 range. She said "That's a little high for a boy." I didn't know what she was talking about, so she told me that boys generally have lower heart rates than girls. Her two boys had heart rates in the 130 range, her girl was in the 160 range. We asked another pregnant woman, and she couldn't remember the exact rate, but she said it was really high, and she's having a girl.

Doggone the fact that I can't find out for another month and a half. Doggone it, I say. Oh, and another question. Has anyone ever found out the sex, but not told anyone? I'm considering doing that.

Also, doggone 6:20. I don't want to be awake this early. I want to be having dreams about my baby growing up to discover the cure for cancer.


Melinda Barton said...

Take it from someone who knows way too much about heart rates, that's an old wives' tale. Heart rate has nothing to do with gender. It may reveal something about the baby's size or rate of development, but not whether it's got a weewee. Basically the only way to be fully sure is to do the tests at the doc's. Even those are sometimes wrong. (Of course, tech has changed since the 70's, but I came this close to being either Roger Allen or Lamont Desmond... Don't ask!) As for not telling anyone if you know, I will so get you big time if you do that to me Stacey! Don't even think about it. The moment you see the baby's little weewee or whatever, I know about it! Got it!

javafoofoo said...

What about the Civil War soldier?


Terri said...

Girl, you have to be very careful about what you hear. Not only from others, but also from the doctor. Did you know that according to my doctor Ashley would be lucky to weigh 5 1/2 pounds? She was my biggest baby at 7 pounds 6 ounces. Also one of my closest friends had several ultrasounds indicating that she was having a girl. She had a baby shower with all pink stuff. She came out a boy!! All that heart rate stuff is not true. Boy or girl, does it matter? The baby will be so lucky to have such awesome parents.

I would be happy with whatever you have, but I see how much you like to do hair. If you have a boy, we will have to train him to like braids, bows and such!!

Love ya lots

Christine said...

My son had a "girl level" heart rate almost the whole pregnancy. He was also conceived in such a way that science says he should have been a girl - hands down (the "deed" was done at least five full days before ovulation, and it has been proven that the boy sperm swim fast and die fast, but the girl sperm swim slow but hang around the longest).

He bucked the whole system. Just wait for that picture!

OH, and we told sex, but we never told names until the baby was born. I have friends that didn't tell the sex, but they knew. They were able to make baby gift returns before the birth and buy gender appropriate stuff! ha!

Lauren said...

The only result of you knowing the sex of your baby and not telling us is that we have to buy those gender-neutral baby presents in yellow and green instead of cutesy pink dresses or little blue sailor outfits. Why would you do that to us? Let us shop in peace. Either we all know, or none of us know. I like the idea of keeping the name to yourself, but I wouldn't tell people that you're not revealing the name on purpose. Just tell them you haven't decided yet. Just my humble opinion.