Friday, February 17, 2006

By popular demand*

Okay, I'll tell y'all about the dream I had about the Civil War soldier.

I was in a classroom when a man walked in dressed in a Confederate soldier's uniform. It became apparent to me that this was our professor. He stood at the front of the class and tried to teach, but when the class wouldn't listen to him, he became visibly upset. He stopped, stood still, brought his gun to his temple and shot himself in front of everybody.

2 days later, I was telling my mom this dream. (Warning, I'm about to be extremely vague to protect the identities of the victims.) She gasped and said that my relative's friend's boyfriend's dad (got that?) had shot himself in front of his son and wife a day before I had my dream. I had no earthly idea about the man, never met him, never thought about him, nothing. Apparently, the man was obsessed with the Civil War. Books, magazines, pictures, reenactments, he had it all.

In less downright creepy coincidences, I had a dream that I saw a friend in the grocery store and she was pregnant. 2 weeks later, I talked to her and found out that she indeed was pregnant, but had just conceived. I also dreamed that I was pregnant a few weeks before I found out. I wasn't at the time, but it was definitely a premonition.

Of course, the dream that I was pregnant with Bugs Bunny's love child hasn't come true, and if this baby turns out to be a puppy, I'll KNOW that I'm psychic, and y'all will have to pay me $3.99 a minute to dream.

By the way, y'all oughta not take me so seriously. I know that the fetal heart rate thing is just an old wives' tale, but I thought it an interesting one.

*And by "By popular demand," I mean one person asked about it. Thanks for being interested, Agnie.


Melinda Barton said...

Have you had any dreams about me ever getting any again? Oh wait, I forgot... I moved, so now I'm out of the Stacey dreams. haha

Stacey said...

That'll cost you extra.