Thursday, January 05, 2006

A judge that doesn't judge?

Okay, if you can believe it, a judge that doesn't believe in punishment. Even for child rapists.

Please excuse my language, but who in the sam hell thinks it's okay for this yutz to be on the bench? Punishment doesn't work??

Seriously though, this man who confessed to RAPING A CHILD is getting less time in jail than people who smoke marijuana. What's this "judge" going to do if someone comes into his court that confessed to murder? Give him a hug?

What a world, y'all. Thankfully, someone can egg the judge's car. Surely the judge would just laugh it off. Not that I'm suggesting anyone do this (do it do it do it do it!!!!).

Also, thank you, Pat Robertson, for being a huge embarassment to Christians everywhere, once again. You're just a great guy, all around. 9-11 happened because of lesbians, Hugo Chavez should be assassinated, and God hates Ariel Sharon. What's next with you, Pat? How do you explain away YOUR ailments?


Charles_Thomson said...

Pat Robertson is on crack. I wouldn't listen to him at all period.


shiksa said...

He is such a nabob. I can't believe he actually said this on television.