Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Random thing #1.

I vow to try to stop using all kinds of verbal diarrhea. This is not so random; I say it because I see so many people using verbal diarrhea instead of saying "now" or "then" - or even nothing at all. For example, on Judge Judy, a girl "didn't have insurance at that very present time." Cici's doesn't accept checks "at this current time." A guy on an advice site I belong to doesn't see why another girl should stay with her husband "at this point in time." Stop the madness.

Random thing #2.

Terri called me last night for my bi-weekly cute report. Apparently, Billy was sick and Ashley was praying over him and she said "Daddy's very sick, and Jesus, he's coming home to you now!" Terri had to jump in and modify her prayer some, praying for healing instead of death. My goddaughters come up with some fun stuff. Ashley was pushing on Drew's belly a couple of weeks ago and said "Do you have a baby in there?" This was just after Danielle looked at both of us in wide-eyed wonder and said "You have biiiiiig bellies!" Thanks, kid. You're lucky you're cute.

Random thing #3.

Do days really go slower when you're waiting for something to happen? It sure feels like it.

Random thing #4.

Having finished almost all of my Christmas shopping feels REALLY good. I only have to get one more thing for Danielle (the girl loves her some makeup) (hey, I didn't say I wouldn't stop emulating redneck speak - just verbal diarrhea), something for my father, and something for Kristen. The awards for hardest people to shop for this year go to Daddy and Terri. I STILL don't know what I'm getting for Daddy.

Random thing #5.

Freedom is just another word for nothin' left to lose.

Random thing #6.

I quit the temp gig. I was hating it. There were jobs here and there that I totally loved, but overall I really didn't like it. Some jobs were mind-numbingly boring. Some jobs were full of "administrative tasks" (read: busy work) and I liked those a WHOLE lot more than the mind-numbing boredom, but it's still busy work. I realized last night as we were doing Christmas cards that I have become incredibly fast at repetitive work. Clearly I need a job on an assembly line. I'm thinking something involving chocolate. And Lucille Ball.

Random thing #7.
I'm up hella early. I woke up at 5:30, took my temperature, started thinking of all the things I have to do today, and couldn't stay in bed any longer. Bummer. Hopefully I'll have my errands all done before lunch. Maybe I'll start cleaning, too. Woo! Git 'er done!

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Drew said...

Since you're getting up so early now, you can get a job as an assembler at the plant. We'll even make room for you in the carpool!