Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Oh, Stella

My sweet little girl kitty. I love her so. However, she likes eating our Christmas tree. Now, that'd be okay by me... except she promptly throws it right up. It's really gross. Once, she regurgitated a completely intact 2-inch branch. My vet's solution is to keep her away from the Christmas tree. (Duh.) I turn to you, dear readers, to ask how in the world I'm supposed to do that. You'd think that throwing up would be punishment enough, but she's just not getting it. I'm thinking of putting aluminum foil underneath the tree skirt. It worked for keeping her off the couch when she had her UTIs. I've also heard that putting oranges really close to something will keep cats away from that something. Has that worked for anyone? Any suggestions are welcome.


Anonymous said...

You can actually buy something called Kitty No Go, or something similar to that name and it seems to work to keep my cat away from the plants.

cncz said...

isn't this like the second year in a row she has eaten christmas tree and promptly thrown it up? I thought my cats were weird, but oh no.