Monday, December 05, 2005

No love for my loveseat

Remember our old friend, the loveseat?

Well, lemme jog that memory.

Here's what she looks like now:

I know it doesn't look like I've done much, but the fabric was all over the back, and there were boocoo staples to pull out. I've ripped off most of the material so far, and found some good replacement material at $10 a yard (a veritable steal for upholstery material, I tell you), and now I'm realizing that I may not be the person for the reupholstery job. It'll have to wait until at least next year. And I've had it for 4 months.

So I called around for prices to get someone else to reupholster it. The highest price I got was $650. That's if the customer supplies the fabric AND has already ripped off most of the material. Seriously, I think this lady was joking with me. You add that to the cost of the fabric we're going to buy, and we're talking approximately $800 to recover this bad boy. You've GOT to be trippin'. I could buy 2 or 3 new loveseats with that.

Another dude said $275. I coughed a little bit and restated that I have a loveseat that needs to be completely reupholstered... 4 cushions and 2 pillows... Yep, $275. If the material's striped, he'll charge me an extra $50 to match up all the lines. I've always been wary of the lowest price... especially if the lowest price is half of what the second lowest price is.

You may ask... why all the heartache over a loveseat? Well, it's an heirloom. Well, as heirloom-y as my family gets, at least. And it's the perfect size for my living room. And it was my auntie's, then my mommy's, then my sissy's, and now mine, which is where it will stay until I die.

Most people are giving me prices in the $500 range though. I still think that's way too expensive. What, a little bit of stapling here, a little sewing there... I should have just Febrezed and slipcovered it when I had the chance. Little too late now.

Guess I'm back to doing it myself. If anyone hears about any reupholstering classes in the Jackson metro area, let me know!

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