Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Oh, Tyra

Ya ain't fat. No matter how many fat suits you put on, ya ain't fat. Thanks for trying to bring the "plight" of overweight people to light, but really, it's not that bad. Stop feeling sorry for us and give us a donut.

Tyra's fat!

Here's what I don't get. I have been fat my entire life (though admittedly never 350 pounds) and have never had anyone point in my face and laugh. Have I just been blessed? Yes, I've had the occasional CHILD ask why I'm fat, as curious, unfettered-by-tact children are wont to do, but never have I had an adult, or even a teenager, laugh in my face, point and giggle, whatever. It seems, however, that every time a skinny person slaps a fat suit on to see what the other half (okay, the other two and a half nyuk nyuk) lives like, they face this absolute humiliation and discrimination, bla bla bla. Maybe they just look silly in fat suits. Who knows.

Again, I have perhaps been blessed, but have never faced this so-called discrimination against fat people. Sure, there are more clothes for skinny people than for fat people and stuff, but look, we got ourselves this way, and it's not everyone else's fault. We ate too much, we didn't exercise enough, and that is nobody's fault but our own. Stop crying discrimination and get over yourself.

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Waterfall said...

You know, I think you have a really good point. I can't recall ever snickering or pointing at fat people, even if they are 400 pounds. And I don't remember ever seeing anyone do that, other than kids who are being mean to other kids in the seventh grade.

I guess it would be a shock, though, to go from being Tyra Banks, whom everyone oohs and aahs at, who gets stared at by men and women alike, to being a normal person, fat or otherwise.