Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Things I've learned today

If the word "tuna" is on your mind, your cats become psychic.

If the words "shut UP, Nimbus, it's 2 in the morning and I don't want to let you outside" are on your mind, your cats' psychic abilities completely shut down.

Cats ABSOLUTELY LOSE THEIR MINDS when you open tuna.

There is no food in existence that cannot be made tastier with Tony Chachere's.

If you smoke, when you're 60, you're going to sound like a foghorn when you laugh.

I look forward to cooking supper for my husband more than most women do.

And what a good supper I make.

A friend of mine might have a terminal illness. This bums me out SO much.

When you're having a horrible day, make sure your cell phone's not on vibrate. You might miss a call from someone you really want to hear from.

Everyone knows I believe in God, and many people emphatically state that I do. I like that.

When I'm watching Ghost Hunters, I will jump really, really high if my husband farts loudly in the next room.

I am a truly horrible semi-vegetarian.

My Yahoo Launch station doesn't play anything I actually like. What made them think I'd wanna listen to Loreena McKennitt?

It's been 7 years since I met many of my friends, including my husband. Wow. Time very seriously flies.

My husband thinks that my favorite genre of music is country.


cncz said...

My stepfather had this ancient cat who lived to be seventeen named Little Ernie. Little Ernie had a lifelong love for tuna. The poor kitty, even in the throes of end stage kidney disease, would find the strength within himself to run from Harley's bedroom to the kitchen (drew will tell you how long that is) at warp speed the second he heard the MANUAL can opener.

shiksa said...

Wow - Ernie. Back in the day. I can't attest to cats and can openers, but Sam sure does know the sound of the lid on his dog food. And he has zero psychic abilities, I promise.

Melinda said...

Cats only let us believe that we're running the world. The evil critters are planning dastardly deeds, I assure you! Beware the feline menace!!!!!!!!!!