Thursday, October 13, 2005


The best dentist in Brandon, Mississippi. Possibly in all of Mississippi. I can only think of one thing that would have made my appointment today better, and that's if he had magically given me a new set of teeth. And a thousand dollars.

Germany Dental

I went in to get my cavities filled, and as you all well know, I'd rather chew my own arm off than get cavities filled. It takes me a very long time to get numb, and most dentists just do not want to wait. I actually brought a book today because nobody, but nobody, was going to start drilling on me until I was good and ready.

I actually asked about sedation after seeing it on the waiting room's TV, thinking what a GREAT idea. They said "It's three hundred dollars," I said "Okay." They said "You really want that for two cavities?" I said "Absolutely." I then explained that every single dentist I have ever been to has hurt me. Every one. They assured me that Dr. Germany was different, and that he would absolutely wait until I was completely numb to start working on me. I said "Okay. But if he hurts me, I will not come back."

I went into the room and Dr. Germany said "You're nervous." I said "Yep." Immediately, I got the gas put on me. Normally, I have to ask for it and it costs extra but they slapped that thing right on me. He said "The shot is going to hurt, I'm not going to candy coat that, but nothing else will, and if it does, you tell me." I said "Okay." (By the way, when he said "You're nervous," that was 2 more words than my last dentist had said to me when he started working on me.)

He gave me 2 shots, then left the room for a couple of minutes, leaving me in happy gas land. He came back in and said "Numb yet?" I said "No." He gave me another shot and left the room for a couple more minutes. He came in again and said "Numb yet?" I said "Sorta." He poked me with something and said "Feel that?" I said "Yes." He gave me another shot. I think they turned the gas up, too, because boy was I feeling happy.

That's FOUR shots the man gave me. God bless him. Four shots. Finally, I went numb. They started working on me, music was playing, I was in happy gas land, and I didn't feel a THING, y'all. The last couple of dentists that have filled my cavities have given me one shot and started working on me - the most painful experiences of my life. If there is any kind of pain I can't handle, it's tooth pain. Absolutely not. But Dr. Germany, oh, Dr. Germany, he shot me up good. I'm numb from stem to stern, y'all, my ear is even numb.

They have massaging chairs. Gas, four shots, a massaging chair, and a funny story about a hunting mishap he had yesterday. And I didn't feel a thing. I'm going to go nap now and have good dreams about being completely numb during dental procedures.


cncz said...

if you ever have dental issues in slidell, may i suggest Dr Killeen. The man has always hooked me up. I was gassed up and even speaking Arabic to the hygenist.

Waterfall said...

My dentist won't give me the gas. He always hurts me. I've been meaning to switch dentists for a year now, but I haven't because of the inconvenience. I'm supposed to get two crowns soon (two months ago, actually), but I keep cancelling. Too bad I don't live in Brandon!

Christine said...

I am walking around with cavities. My last dentist gave me one shot, then was called away. Eventually, someone came in and apologized for the wait - he was meeting with his lawyer!! I waited an hour. I explained that I, also, had work done before and felt pain.

I didn't feel totally numb. He said that "that spot" WOULD have feeling - it was perfectly normal, etc. He's drilling ... I feel pain ... I'm yelping ... they back off while I break down into tears. They finally finish up. It was HORRIBLE.

Still haven't been back. That was a year ago. I have a cavity on the other side. I need your guy!!!