Thursday, October 06, 2005

Blogpatrol is such good times

I just love the keywords people use to come to my site. There are a few x-rated ones that I'll leave out because this is a family site, but here are a few others:

"Stacey" Taking the idea from a visitor using this keyword, I looked on MSN to see how far up the list my site would be if I entered my own first name in their search engine, and sure enough I'm on the third page. Neat.

"danny bonaduce" I figured I'd get a hit from this keyword sooner or later. What a strange dream that was.

"castle highschool, newburgh, indiana" woohoo! Look, if you surf to this page using those search terms, tell a sister, would you? I'd love to get some Knights commenting on my blog.

"flying caused ectopic" No, it didn't, sweetheart, in MOST cases, it's just a horrible, cruel fluke. You did nothing wrong and nothing you did could have caused your ectopic.

"fun housewife" That's me! Although, I strongly suspect that's not quite what the surfer was looking for...

"housewife haven" Huh?

"tony mcwilliams" Tony, seriously, was that you searching for yourself on my blog? Dude, you know the problems I've been having with self-searching. - You've got some serious-a** self-searching problems. (Inside joke, y'all, sorry for the censorship.)

"housewife mean" I am not.

"depraved filth" Wonderful.

And, of course, the most popular are "housewife" and "flip flops." Because, you know, that's me.

I love keywords. I love reading them when Cousin Jonathan and The Dictator Princess post them, but I love my own.

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Melinda said...

I have you in my favorites on my home computer, so I don't have to search for the URL, but now that my computer is inaccessible...I looked you up on google. When I look for "housewife in flip flops", something comes up about "small t*ts". Obviously, they've NEVER met you. haha