Monday, October 24, 2005

Better day!

I have an assignment starting today. It's at a place I've worked before and LOVED, or else I probably wouldn't be working today. See, I haven't worked in 3 months because of this that and the other. When my agent called me a few weeks ago to ask me if I would go to this assignment because they wanted me and nobody else, I told her that the reason I hadn't been quite motivated to call was that I kept getting these mind-numbingly boring assignments that I was dreading going to. As my loyal readers may recall, I just could not sleep the day before the first day of an assignment.

This one's different. When I worked there in April (you may remember me referring to it as the super important job) I constantly had stuff to do. Granted, it was busy work, but it was stuff to do. This is in sharp contrast to the rest of the assignments I've had, where my "work" consists of playing on the internet (if I'm explicitly allowed to do so), reading a book, and painting my nails. It's too hard to read a book when the phone interrupts constantly. The people at this job are incredibly nice, even though they're incredibly important, which, from my experience, is rare in the world of a temp. I think people generally look at me as if I'm desperate for work, or poor, or just plain stupid, and don't care enough to find out otherwise. People avoid the temp like the plague. Not these people, even though, again, they're really important. SO nice. I get to dress up for this job, too. Blazers, cardigans, high heels, slacks, the works, baby, I am looking fly. I always dress professionally, even in the sweatpants-and-t-shirts offices, but this place takes it to a whole new level. I LOVE it.

Sigh. I could NOT sleep last night. Thanks for nothing, Nytol. Is there such a thing as situational insomnia?

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