Wednesday, October 26, 2005

2 things before work

1. A good laugh always starts the day off right. This did the trick for me.

2. I received a call from a little girl last night. Here's how the conversation went:
Auntie Stacey: HI MEGAN!!!
Auntie Stacey: Hmmmmm... I don't know... Is it mine?
Megan: NNoooooooooo! *cutest giggle ever*
Auntie Stacey: Hmmm... is it Danielle's?
Megan: Nooooooo!
Auntie Stacey: Is it Mommy's?
Megan: NO!!! IT'S MINE!!!
Auntie Stacey: No, that's not right. Is it Daddy's?
Megan: *cutest giggle ever* Nooooo!!!!

After which she thanked me for the presents I sent and told me that she loved one of the books so much that she's going to keep it in her underwear drawer.

That's right, folks, it's my sweet Megan's birthday today. She is 6 now, and I join her mother in disbelief. 6 years old. And in kindergarten. Wow. Megan was my flower girl, and she was just such a cute baby that she completely stole the show. This child has HUGE cheeks and an enormous smile, and people were taken by her. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I was included in that. She's gorgeous. Unfortunately, flickr doesn't seem to be working right now so I can't include any pictures, but I think I've posted more than your fair share of pictures of her.

Some reminiscing on her adorable baby-speak before I go (and I should be in the shower right now)...

Watermelon = menomeno
Guacamole = oleeolee
I love you too = TOooooo! (As in "I love you, Megan!" "Tooo!")
Her whole name = Megan The Cold Pedrino The Cold. When she was feeling especially silly, it was Megan The Cold Pedrino the Cooly.

Okay, I totally have to go get ready for work now. I love you so much, Megan, and I miss you! Happy birthday!

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javafoofoo said...

1. LMAO!! I just sent you that video right before I visited your blog!!

2. God help all of us when you and your hubby have a baby!!