Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Two hits. Me hitting you, you hitting the floor.

The next person to suggest that New Orleans shouldn't be rebuilt because it's prone to flooding will have first row seats to the conversation between my fist and his mouth.

Look, generally I'm against violence (though admittedly quick to it) but I have just about had it up to here with defeatist attitudes. I was responding to just such a person on a message board to which I belong and I got so mad that I started to shake. I am SICK TO DEATH of people saying that New Orleans shouldn't be rebuilt and should just be turned into some bizarre roadside attraction.

Of course, I can't expect people to understand the loyalty involved in being a New Orleanian, whether by birth or by soul, but I can expect people to understand how amazingly rude it is to tell people to leave somewhere they love with every beat of their heart and allow it to fade into history. That will never happen. The rest of the country has abandoned New Orleans, New Orleans will not abandon New Orleans.


shiksa said...

I'm with you sister - if the Speaker gets up one more time and talks about how futile it is to rebuild my hometown, I'm going to write him a nasty letter and ask him if he's willing to put up the entire city in HIS hometown. Tight assed penny-pinching no fun never got picked first for dodgeball Yankee.

Tony said...

No need to get upset just because we whipped your ass 140 years ago.

I don't see how a 300-year-old city that's never flooded before is "prone to flooding". Not to mention the fact that we wouldn't have built a city in a bowl in the first place unless the location were important enough to warrant it. As long as the Mississippi River ends at the Gulf of Mexico, we'll need New Orleans.

Oh, and long live the Confederacy.

fwapah said...

Amen, cuz. My mom has gotten in many arguments w/people in Wigwam who have suggested just wiping out the city.

I look forward to taking our kids to City Park to feed the ducks in 2012.

Drew said...

Maybe I'll buy some high and dry apartment buildings and start rebuilding the city on my own. Don't need them damn yankees anyway.

Drew said...

Oh and Tony, "we" didn't build New Orleans there, the French did.

Terri said...

I know that your heart is in New Orleans, but lets be realistic.

The city should be rebuilt, but by the time that is accomplished the people who lived there during this tragedy would have already started new lives elsewhere. This isn't a definite, but I highly doubt that many people will uproot their families and move back.

Cameron said...

New Orleans should be rebuilt.

In 1718, Bienville built the city for one purpose to have an easy access to the Mississippi River to Canada.

New Orleans should be rebuilt for many purposes mainly to bring goods in and out of the United States via South America and few other countries around the world.

Keep the City of New Orleans alive!

shiksa said...

Um, whoever tony is seems to have gotten his participles mixed up and mistaken me for a Yankee. Which reminds me - if you ever want a cheap joke, just ask Frank about dangling participles. He'll laugh for about ten minutes.
Oh, and I'm throwing my hat into that online forum tomorrow. He'd better suit up.

sean said...

New Orleans should be rebuilt. But maybe a few miles away, on land that isn't sinking? I loved that city last time I was there. Sad to think that some of it may have been destroyed.