Monday, September 19, 2005

blameblameblameblame don't blame!

I've received an e-mail in my inbox from at least 4 different people lately. It lists everything that the local and state government did wrong in the events leading up to and the aftermath surrounding Katrina. The writer then ends the e-mail with this cry out to your soul to pray for the victims instead of finding people to blame for the catastrophe, although that's all the writer of the e-mail has done in the previous 6 or so paragraphs. I was going to post it, but it's such trash, and you've probably gotten it in your inbox already.

I won't go on about how I still feel Nagin and Blanco did the best they could with the resources and DAY they had to do what had to be done (though I could), I won't go on about the fact that it still took federal aid 3 days to get in there (though I could), and I won't complain about people who are so invested in kissing Republican bum that they can't see that someone in the Republican party could have POSSIBLY done something wrong. Though I could.

I almost wish I were a completely blind lackey on either side so I could just blame the nearest opposition for all the ills in the world. Unfortunately, I happen to see wrong on both sides of this issue, and am annoyed at people who can't. Can y'all just take your politics and shut up about them?

Although, you don't see Nagin or Blanco getting fired, now do you. Dollars to donuts they both get re-elected.


javafoofoo said...

I have been ranting like crazy anout the things that have (and haven't) taken place in the beginning.

Though as I told a friend, even though that rant begins with that this person's claim (rant) was false, it majorly pisses me off knowing that there are many ignorant fools out there that believe that. GRRRR...

shiksa said...

Ray Nagin is my dad. I'm going to make a t-shirt.

Melinda said...

Everyone knows the hurricane is my fault b/c I had sex!!!!!!! Ask Rob. He knows it's my fault. I promise to be more careful with the use of my vagina from now on.