Friday, March 08, 2013


(M is our favorite babysitter.)

Me:  "We can't stay out too late tonight because M's boyfriend is prom-bombing her room and her mom wants her to get home early enough so her boyfriend can see her reaction."

Drew:  "What's prom-bombing?"

Me:  "It's when a boy asks a girl to prom in a super creative way, like putting 'PROM?' on her bed in rose petals or candles or something."

Drew:  "But if he's her boyfriend, shouldn't he just assume she's going to prom with him?"

Me:  "It's romantic.  It's a high school kid tradition thing."

Drew:  "Ugh.  But... they're... dating."

Me:  "It's like proposing to a woman; you wouldn't do it in the parking lot of a jewelry store in Torrance, California; you take her to a beach or a mountain or any other of the many beautiful natural or architectural wonders of Southern California."

Drew:  "Whatever.  You said yes."

Me:  "AFTER I told you to AT LEAST get out of the car."

(Edited 3/17 to add: he didn't actually get to prom-bomb her room until a couple of days ago.  He put "PROM" and a heart on her ceiling with those little glow-in-the-dark stars.  Pretty cute.)

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