Monday, February 01, 2010

me and the school directors

(Two posts in one day???)

Lady: "Hi, welcome to X School, can I help you?"
Me: "Hi, my name is Stacey Spiehler, I'm looking for a K4 program for my son for this fall."
Lady: "We do have that! Registration is today."
Me: "Good! My first priority is finding out if you accept children with special needs."
Lady: *wiiiiiince* "Weeeelllllll, we had one girl with mild autism once and that didn't work out. We had another little boy with Down's for a year who had a shadow (ed: a special handler for kids with special needs, often provided by the school district). Generally though, we don't have the capabilities to handle kids with special needs. We don't have a special education program."
Me: "My son's disability is physical, he has cerebral palsy. He's a little slower and more unsteady than typical kids, but I don't believe he'll need special education."
Lady: *wince* "Let me talk to the K4 teachers and see what they think. Would you call me back next Monday?"

Next Monday, of course, is a full week after registration begins, and the program's spots will be filled by then. She damn well knows this. This was her special way of saying "yeah, we're not taking your kid, now get out of here." Heifer.

School #2:
Me: "Hi, I'm looking for a K4 program for my so-"
Lady: "Here are the registration forms, registration is a hundred and fifty dollars."
Me: "Oh, I'm just looking for information right no-"
Lady: "I'm giving you information."
Me: "Uhhh-huh. Can I get a pamphlet?"

The pamphlet was a formality. He's not going there.

Homeschooling is looking fairly attractive right now.


Sharon said...

I'm sorry it's such a frustrating process. I hope sooner than later you can find just the right thing for you & Ace. (be it homeschooling or not)

Watercolor said...

I'm thinking it is an ADA violation for them NOT to accept him. Not that you'd want to send him somewhere they are so rude.... but maybe if you could talk to the teacher she is a much better person than the registration heifer?

HEATHER said...

Wow, that really sounds like discrimination.
Could the Lighthouse people recommend a place? Maybe some of them would know where other students have gone. Good luck honey. I believe that Mr. Ace is so smart he will thrive where ever or whatever you decide to do. Homeschooling is a joy if you do decide to pursue it.

RhondaLue said...

Um. I'm freakin' PISSED hearing that. Discriminating Heifer (or however you spell it!)

UGH, seriously that makes me SO. MAD! I guess go for recommendations from other moms that know what schools are accepting and that abide by the LAW. Ya know, after you egg that ladies car. ;)

Stacey said...

It's not discrimination/an ADA violation for them to not have a special needs program or to not have teachers that are trained in special ed. They would take him if I forced the issue, but he probably wouldn't get a very good education, so he's not going to the first place and that chick was rude at the second place, so he's definitely not going there.

angie. said...

Grrr...some people.

School 1: May I suggest reporting "lady" 1? As in sending a letter or calling the principle on how this "lady" acted toward you. They seem to not have what Ace deserves, but all you know is that the "lady" is on the fence -attitude wise- in which a report might get her reprimanded of some sort... though she deserves more. Full circle shall eventually come round her.

School 2: Pardon my language, but f*** them. Sounds like a snobby school.

Home schooling: Keep in mind thatI am proficient in the ways of music and art... :)

Love you BOTH!!

i'm black betty said...

i feel ya. i'm getting more frustrated as the days roll by.

K Storm said...

I'm not impressed with them either. I would make on site visits to the places you want to explore. And if his limitations are primarily physical, I would not even use the term special needs until you are meeting with the director because they do automatically think of the children that have more social/mental challenges. I know of several church daycares in our town that are glad to have sweet kids like yours. My guess is you were talking to someone not fully trained in these matters...I would be fuming.

In the Dog House said...

If he homeschools at least he'll know how to push his teacher's buttons already.

Style Expert said...

I know that can be frustrating...As a special ed teacher you know I know first hand. My mom was and is a homeschool teacher. It's not bad as you may think. Actually it is really rewarding...