Monday, November 02, 2009

boom boom

Ace got a card for his birthday that, when opened, sings a song that goes "boom boom ain't it great to be crazy?" He, of course, loves the card and plays with it most days. You would think the battery would die after 5 months, but noooo.

Boom boom, ain't it great to be crazy? Ace's bipolar, ADD mother sure thinks so.

Mental health treatment is not covered like physical health treatment. Unfortunately, since I went to that treatment program earlier this year, my mental health benefits have run out. At the very least, to maintain my sanity, I have to see my counselor every two weeks and my psychiatrist once a month. Each of those appointments cost $125 a pop. So for the last 3 months of this year, I will be paying $375 a month to keep from going crazy.

We had planned on getting a new big screen TV this year. Thankfully, all the money for a TV is already in the bank; we've been saving it all year. Unfortunately for all of YOU, that money WAS set aside for Christmas. Each of you will be getting 1 M&M for Christmas. So what's your favorite color?

(Thankfully, part of the stimulus package earlier this year included legislation that will force insurance companies to cover mental health as they would physical health. That begins next year.)


RhondaLue said...

BOOM BOOM! It *IS* great to be crazy! At least this crazy lady thinks so! Aside from the cost of treatment...then it's BOOM BOOM These expensive bills suck.

Those cards seriously DO. NOT. DIE. but they can sing in the dump because I toss 'em out after they drive me crazy for a few weeks. lol

Allison said...

My favorite color M&M is blue.

Thank you.


Nicole Bradshaw said...

You can save some extra cash by keeping my M&M! ;)

shiksa said...

I'm very partial to green m&ms, but like Nicole, you can keep mine :) I find it so horrific that mental health care is somehow secondary to physical health care. If our insides are all twisty, how can we even contemplate taking care of our outsides, let alone those who depend on us? Good for you for sticking with it, even when your insurance is clue-free.

White Baby said...

you know what else stinks? Hearing aides are not covered. I could get hit by a car because I can't hear crap and they will cover all $120000 of THAT ( just guessing, I haven't actually gotten hit by a car....yet) but pay $2000 or $300 for some hearing aides....noooooooooooooooo....

i'm black betty said...

they don't cover anything??? WTH??? mine will cover 50% of outpatient treatment and 75% of inpatient. your insurance is sucking some donkey dong, girl!!! BOO!!!!!

give my M&M to ace...cause he's so frickin' cute. i need to send you the pics i took of him in his tin man costume. ADORABLE!!!