Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bipolar disorder: not for lovers of sleep

I went to sleep last night at 9:30 and woke up at 3:30. I had to pee, but then, couldn't sleep. Oh, hello, hypomania. Goodbye, effects of my current medication.

From the Wikipedia article on hypomania:

Hypomania is a lowered state of mania that does little to impair function or decrease quality of life


In hypomania there is less need for sleep, and both goal-motivated behavior and metabolism increase.

Less need for sleep, check. Goal-motivated behavior? Ehhh, kinda. Metabolism increase? Doubtful.

...mania itself generally has many undesirable consequences including suicidal tendencies.


Prominent hypomaniacs likely include Endymion (a mythological figure, probably describing the real person/s), Rudyard Kipling, Vincent Van Gogh, John Keats, Andy Warhol.

Stacey Spiehler.

Manic characteristics include irritability, anger or rage, delusions, hypersensitivity, hypersexuality, hyper-religiosity, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, racing thoughts, talkativeness, pressure to keep talking or rapid speech, grandiose ideas and plans, and decreased need for sleep (e.g. feels rested after 3 or 4 hours of sleep). In manic and hypomanic cases, the afflicted person may engage in out of character behavior such as questionable business transactions, wasteful expenditures of money, risky sexual activity, recreational drug abuse, abnormal social interaction, or highly vocal arguments uncharacteristic of previous behaviors. These behaviors increase stress in personal relationships, problems at work and increase the risk of altercations with law enforcement as well as being at high risk of impulsively taking part in activities potentially harmful to self and others.

If you knew me between the ages of 18-21, I want you to go ahead and read that paragraph again. Because wow.

Mild forms of mania, known as hypomania, cause little or no impairment, but some people who suffer from prolonged hypomania may develop full mania.


I'm tired.


Watercolor said...

ohmygosh. this sounds like one of my bosses. my eyeballs are giant round saucers. this would explain sooooo much.

hoping you get lots of sleep tonight! hugs!

Waterfall said...

I used to love that hypomanic state (though I never knew it had a "hypo" in front of it). Only bad part was the crashing down afterwards.

Honestly, I miss the mania but not the depression.

Hope they're able to adjust your medication so it's working right again.

Katy said...

hang in there!!! You've been doing great with all this stuff and I'm sure this is just a bump in the road.

I'm also wondering--if you do actually feel tired, then is this hypomania or some type of insomnia?

Jo said...

Didja do that research at 3:30 am?

This sounds JUST like my sister... she has been doing downhill quite rapidly over the past several years, and now I'm wondering if this is why.....

Things that make you go hmmmm......

Hope you get it all worked out... maybe last night was just a quirk??

Jen said...

that all just sizzled my brain. I don't know if I could keep all that straight :( Prayers continue for you love!


i'm black betty said...

my mom stays like this, but i tell her, "if you get 7-8 hours of sleep, you've got me whooped! i'm lucky to get 6 hours!" it's a laughing joke in our house to see who gets the most sleep. her problem, she takes her geodon so early, she usually naps from 8:00 to 10:00, wakes up and then goes back to sleep only to wake up around 4:00.

after watching my mom for years, i feel your pain. hang in there, honey. xoxo

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Maybe you should start painting, or writing the great American novel? I mean, we are talking VAN GOGH (though might I suggest steering clear of sharp knives?) and KIPLING here.

Sorry you're tired and can't rest. Can't wait to see you.

What?! said...

You mean not being able to sleep isn't normal? I don't know anyone that has kids or is over the age of 25 who sleeps all night. *shrug* oh well. I'm tired too-but at least my old man doesn't sleep either.

i'm black betty said...

have fun on fryday! hate we are going to miss it! :)

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