Wednesday, July 29, 2009

He's chatty.

Ace talks from the moment he wakes up till the moment he falls asleep. For the next 3 minutes, as much as I'm able to keep up, I'm going to type everything he says.

"Is the radio going on? Where's the radio? Is the radio on? Is it? That's a plane outside, I hear it. I hear one, mama, I do. I hear it! Is the umbrella open, mom? Is it? Give it to Miss Heather. Stop doing that! Will you please close this umbrella mama? Will you please close it? Are you closin it mama? Are you sittin' on the couch mama? Are you? ARE YOU? Did you close it? I got this umbrella. I do. I do. Do I supposed to hit, mama? Do I? DO I? Will you please close the umbrella mama? Can I open it? I'm gonna spin it. Did you hurt yourself, mama? Did you? What do I hear? I'm gonna open the umbrella. Will you please close the umbrella? Are you hiding in the umbrella mama? My penis is in my lap. That's my penis. Dib dib dib dib dib. Can you close the umbrella mama? Hey mama what are you doing? This is my baton, mama. I'm gonna conduct. What is this? This is an umbrella. Do I supposed to spit?"

I swear I respond to every question. But dang if he doesn't ask it a million times. And yes, I closed the umbrella. I have closed the umbrella 97 times this morning.

I never thought I'd be the kind of person that cherished quiet time, but Lord have mercy.


Laurie said...

We're members of the question club, too! Be prepared for many more penis questions to come...and start thinking about repsonses to why YOU don't have one (asked 20 times in a row at the grocery store.)

Mommy said...

I spit out my water at "Do I supposed to hit, mama?" and nothing could have prepared me for the penis in his lap!!!!! LMAO!!!

Allison said...

Welcome to my world sweetheart.

Katy said...

I am working on a post that is probably the exact opposite of this one.

Sharon said...

Now you know why I make Aidan take a quiet time each day! LOL
Aidan is still a chatterbox. Oh my goodness, I've even told him before that mommy's ears need a 5 minute break.

Awesome. It's what my world is, too.
(do you ever let him call a relative on the phone and just talk away? Sometimes I have Aidan call my mom and just ask her his endless questions;)

From the Doghouse said...

Don't forget to close the umbrella.

shiksa said...

As long as he's conducting with his umbrella and NOT his penis, you're still safe.

RhondaLue said...

I love the penis part. My 3yr old constantly takes inventory of all the people in the house. "He's a boy, he has a penis. I'm a girl I don't" Its notso cute in front of company!
My 8 yr old never stops talking. Sometimes I act excited and tell him dad was wondering all about that (whatever he's telling me) and send him in dads direction. teehee

Random Horror said...

JEEZ! Jasmine does this too, but since she's older she doesnt re-ask the question, but will "mama, mama, mama" me until i address her to ask the question. we have given her a limit of 10 questions a day but still accidentally answer hundreds. 10 more days and she can ask her teacher all day!

oh wow! i just realized why i'm so exhausted after the summer, my brain has been answer questions all day. no wonder i cant get anything done. wow! revelation.

you have more patience than me. i would have taken and hidden the umbrella after about 5 minutes. i do this a lot. but the penis in my lap. i laughed so hard i thought wake my kids....7AM and they're still a few "mama mama mama whats for breakfast?"

Jen said...

are you hiding in the umbrella. that made me chuckle!!!