Tuesday, June 02, 2009

what happened next...

So my family doctor finally saw me, talked to me about my symptoms, then started doing some weird neuro tests. Squeeze my hands, push away, pull towards you, stuff like that. Then she put her thumbs on either side of my forehead and said "does this feel the same on both sides?" "No." On my cheeks? No. On my chin? No. "Huh," said the doctor. "You will need to see a neurologist." While I was mostly worried that my doctor had just said "huh," I expressed concern that the wait for a neurologist would be months, and I can't really live with these symptoms much longer. "Nah," she said, "she might be able to work you in this afternoon."

Sure enough, she got me an appointment for 1pm. She said she thought my symptoms were due to the higher dosage of bipolar meds. That made me nervous because under no circumstances do I want to quit them. After a quick lunch at home, I went to the neurologist's office. After she asked me 75 questions, she agreed that it was likely the higher dose of bipolar meds causing blood not to circulate to my brain properly. Also made me nervous because ACK BRAIN.

Off she sent me to get an MRI. I sat in that big loud sucker for 25 minutes. Let me tell y'all, that was a strange experience. Nothing like tv, where it goes "chunk chunk chunk chunk..." It was more like "chunk chunk BUZZ HONK AK AK AK AK AK AK AK AK AAAKKKKKKK BUUUZZZZZZ chunk chunk HEEEEENNNKKK buzz HONK." Once again, Grey's Anatomy skews my reality. Sigh. Well then, after the 25 minutes, the nurse tried to put contrast in my arm and blows two of my veins. Not one, y'all, TWO. She tried a third time and got it right, but I have a wicked bump there right now so something must be wrong. After royally effing up my veins, I was stuffed back into the tube of very loud doom for another 5 minutes. Then, with many bandaids on my arm, I left the hospital and came home, but not before a quick run to Sonic for a diet cherry limeade. Mmmm.

Although nearly every second of my day sucked 100% before I got home, my day was made a milionty times better when I got home because my cousin, with whom I've grown up and formed a very close bond, was there with his wife, who I've never met but have spoken to many times on the phone and with whom I get along famously. I was so excited that they were at my house. I still am very excited. Actually, I should go to sleep since I'm makng them a nice healthy breakfast in the morning.

Pardon typos... It's not easy to type on my phone and I'm very sleepy!


Jen said...

Hun, I hope you get some good rest and you have a blast hanging out with your cousin! What an AWESOME surprise!

Keep us posted on what they do. I'll be praying for you.

I hope that you come to the Trunk show, I would LOVEEEEEEE to see you! (and ace-man! that is IF you want to bring him, hehe)


Sharon said...

I'm glad your cousin was there when you got home!
I sure hope this all gets resolved soon. Hugs to you.

By the way, I dreamed last night that you & I were talking on the phone, about everything & nothing. But I remember the dream, thinking "wow, we're actually talking on the phone & it feels like we've always talked". Dorky blogger moment, but it was kinda cool.

shiksa said...

The MRI machine sounds like a cross between a massive ice maker and a cement mixer. I wish my dad had been there, he wouldn't have blown your veins injecting contrast (!) and would have likely told you ridiculous jokes in the process. Hope you get to feeling better soon, we'll be thinking about you. And Ace is not allowed to turn three tomorrow, he's just not.

Allison said...

Keep us posted ok?

Much love.

Watercolor said...

Glad they were able to work you in so quickly. Certainly wasn't my experience when I had the same symptoms, lol! Hope they get them to go away for you. Living like this isn't fun.

Dr. Wifey said...

so did they bump your meds down? are you feeling any better?

Waterfall said...

That cousin and his wife are both pretty cool!

Sorry your veins got blown out. There's nothing sadder than a phlebotomist gone bad.

Hope you're feeling better and they get all this medication mess straightened out soon!

Laurie said...

LOL - that's what Lajos said on Sat - "she needs to see a neurologist to rule stuff out." My bro is on a blood pressure med along with his other stuff - don't know if it's for this kind of thing? Used to drop his BP at first until his body got used to it.

i'm black betty said...

you poor thing. i'm still praying for peace with the meds. love ya. mean it. xoxo

RhondaLue said...

holy cow! I've been way behind reading my favorite blogs and then WHAM..crazy happenings going on with you! I'm so sorry you're having to go through all of this.

I've had several MRI's and if you're whole body is all way into that tube it's the crappiest thing EVER. Imma make 'em drug me next time. I can't handle 45 minutes in that coffin like tube that I have no way to get out of unless they pull me out. Oh, sorry-didn't mean to go off.

Keep us posted and I hope they can get you all situated soon!

i'm black betty said...

morning sunshine.!!!!

btw, YOU ROCK!!! fo sho!

seriously, you are such a strong woman to be dealing with everything you deal with. i'm so proud to have you as a friend.

my prayers continue for you and your family down this long road of trial and tribulation. i only hope that the bumps become more smooth and less jagged...and the detours get the hell outta da way! ;)

love ya. mean it.

From the Doghouse said...

How are you doing now?

Melia said...

Cracked up at your MRI machine sound effects. Grey's skews my reality, too, although I do have to say that I'm relieved when the doctors aren't that hot. When they are, they're inevitably examining me for some embarrassing lady-problem.

Hope you feel better. Have you thought about acupuncture and other natural remedies to complement the meds? Mississippi just made it OK for folks to see licensed acupuncturists if they have a doctor's referral.

jessica said...

we had a blast too Cuz in Law! And I want that recipe for those oatmeal pancakes! YUMMY!!!!