Sunday, April 19, 2009

it's crunchy

I think
that the all-natural
raisins and almonds and
and like 35 other things
cereal that I bought
from the local natural grocery store
is more effort
than it's
*swallow... no wait, CHEW*

*swallow? yeah, swallow*
*pick oats and raisin skins out of teeth for an hour*


CluckyRN said...

Girl, you are a TRIP. LOL!

Did you get that new ink last weekend?

Sharon said...

This should be published on the back of that cereal box.

Laurie said...

Try something closer to what you already like first - you can find a healthy version of just about anything! Wait for the out-there stuff until your taste buds get used to less sugar/preservatives, lol! They even sell Kashi cereals at Wal-mart and Target - may start with that brand - it's the boys' favorite.

Watercolor said...

I love the Kashi GoLean cereal. Very high in protein and fiber and really tasty.

RhondaLue said...

Kashi IS good.

Oh and if you want to make your own granola that is even yum with milk poured over it and eaten like cereal look at my blog archives for the recipe. I keep it in the oven extra long so it's crunchy (but not BREAK A TOOTH cruncy) and not so chewy. ;)

dhcoop said...


Jennifer said...

Hahahahha! Right on! I sooo know what you're talking about!

brig said...

I make my own granola too- but we already knew I was a hippie. I like it cause I can put in whatever I want and control the fat content.

Allison said...

I bout something similar a while back. My jaw is still sore.

From the Doghouse said...

That's why you lose weight; you spend so much time chewing you don't actually get to eat anything.