Thursday, April 02, 2009


So I slept for probably 6 hours last night with minimal interruption. I didn't take anything to help me sleep at all. Neither of those things have happened to me for the past 5-ish weeks.

SO WHY AM I SO TIRED THIS MORNING? How is it that I could sleep 2 hours with nothing and 5 with Ambien and jump up and be ready in the morning, but I sleep 6 solid hours with nothing and I'm dang exhausted?

Ain't fair, I tell ya. Ain't fair. My stepdad's coming to take care of Ace while I'm in treatment today, so I was gonna make a pot of coffee for him, but I might have to weeze some of that juice.

In other news, my stepdad had to take the day off today, and leave his house at 7 to be here for 8:30. He's officially awesome for helping me.


Kayra said...

Your stepdad is awesome indeed. And I have no clue about the sleeping thing. The more I sleep, the more tired I'm in the morning. It's a mystery.

dhcoop said...

What a wonderful man!

From the Doghouse said...

It's the first time your body has actually slept by itself in a while, and it's now hitting you how tired it is after all of this.

It's either that or those two polar bears causing you more trouble.

Bird said...

It's probably your chemicals--they're out of whack and so you never know how you're gonna feel or how much sleep you're gonna need.

I think it's great that you're taking care of yourself like this and that your family is enabling you to do so. . . Go Stacy!

Jen said...

Family is there when you have no one else. Family loves you no matter what. WE DO TOO!! ;)

The sleep thing, girl I wish I knew, I am having irratic sleeping patterns too. Exhaustion is not the word! I can't take sleep aids, they react the opposite and I am bouncing off the walls. It sucks.

Supermom said...

good luck with your treatment!

RhondaLue said...

You probably need a good 6-8 hrs for a while to start feeling rested and Ok. I dunno, that's just my thought on the matter.

And yah..stepdad is officially awesome!

The Johns said...

weeze the juice . . . AAAHHHHH!!!!!
Ok, here are your basic food groups. Fruit group, Dairy group. (DING!) MEAT Group!
Oh, hey! No, you gotta share . . . see, half for you, half for me. Mmmm . . . aahgck-puh! Figures, Hot on the outside, icy in the middle

2 1/2 minute.

i'm black betty said...

so glad you got some sleep!!!