Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sorry, Melinda...

I took a few really cute videos of my kid winking, wiggling, running, walking, and standing up (from laying down) and now I can't find the stupid cable thingy that connects the camera to the computer.

My weekend, ho-hum...

I got my doggone genuine brand new portable DVD player and watched the first DVD of the first season of The O.C. GOSH I miss that show.

Saturday started out on a very positive note - we cleaned out the black hole that was the guest bedroom closet. Seriously, it was SO bad. It only took like half an hour to sort everything and put it in my pre-designated piles in the garage, so that was good. We also got rid of a bunch of CDs and DVDs and organized the crap out of the bookshelf.

After dealing with the MASSIVE allergy attack that resulted from cleaning out nearly 5 years' accumulation in one room, I jumped in the shower so I could get ready for the tea party to benefit Ace's school. I messed up pretty bad on this one, unfortunately... I thought I was supposed to invite corporate sponsors and stuff and just got confused. I was actually supposed to invite basically all the women I know. I tagged my mom and reeled in my good friend Nicole at the last minute, and they were kind enough to make it and dig some cash outta their banks to give to the school. But just so you know, if you're a female friend of mine, you're TOTALLY in for next year. Dig it?

The tea party was held at Sophie's Restaurant in the Fairview Inn... and I seriously just don't belong. I'm a self-admitted low-class individual, so I felt totally uncomfortable and out of place, especially around people like my mom and Nicole, who are actually able to be ladies if the situation demands. Me? I spent half the time picking my skirt out of my butt. I also loudly said "crap" when I started crying after I found out that one of the little girls in Ace's class is gonna graduate.

The food was freakin' awesome. I piled a bunch on my plate and proceeded to chow down for a solid half an hour. After which I picked food out of my teeth. With my pocketknife. (Okay, so I really went into the bathroom and did it in the mirror without a pocketknife, but that cucumber sandwich really did a number on my molars.)

Laurie Smith of TLC's Trading Spaces was the guest speaker. I was a solid half-mile from her at the very back table in the restaurant, so when the other women at the table started cracking jokes, I joined right in. See... Laurie's speech was a smidgen off the mark. Nicole has explained it very well on her blog and I don't want to elaborate, but I'll put a quote here:
She's talking to the parents of a bunch of special needs kids. [...] If I were one of them, I would have found it almost insulting to hear her prattle on about how hard it was to be 29 and unmarried.
Yeah... so anyway...

This morning, Ace and I totally slept in till nearly 11. Drew and I had designated Buffalo Wild Wings to be our restaurant of choice today, and it was pretty darn worth it. I got the parmesan garlic and sweet BBQ wings, and Drew went with some considerably hotter selections and a few beers. Ace chose fries. As usual. We decided to grab some ice cream and come on home, where Ace and Drew both decided in rapid succession that naps are awesome.

I had other things to do, unfortunately. I went to 3 different stores and did the grocery shopping for the rest of the month, then came home and unpacked it all and spent the next hour chopping up a ton of green peppers, onions, and celery to freeze. I spent around $200 today, and I reckon that I'll need to spend less than $100 for the rest of the month on dairy and fresh produce. We're saving up for a lot of things right now, so I'm REALLY trying to make sure groceries stay solidly under budget.

This post is boring. Wish I could jazz it up with some videos of Ace, but I just found that cable, and it's nearly midnight and I'm going to bed. Maybe tomorrow, kids.


mayberry said...

Videos of Ace are always worth the wait.

Sounds like you had a productive weekend. Hope you feel better - you "sound" like you are. =)

Nicole Bradshaw said...

I applaud your grocery organization skills! And I never noticed you scratching your ass at the tea party. Dainty enough for me.