Monday, March 02, 2009

I went with discipline.

So I'm sick again. Yes, AGAIN. I thought it was allergies, but no, it's a full on cold. It seems that I'm getting colds CONSTANTLY lately, so I think I'm gonna need to add some more vitamin C to my diet. Or just stop hanging out with people with colds.

My wonderful, understanding, and caring husband let me sleep off my antihistamine coma this morning and took Ace to school. I just picked Ace up and brought him home, where he saw his tricycle in the garage and decided that the only acceptable outcome at that very point was for me to allow him to ride it. Since I am DESPERATE for more sleep, I am begging God to lull Ace into a nap this afternoon and let him sleep until Drew gets home, so I told Ace no on the tricycle.

Cut to the insane baby rage, where he started flailing and elbowed me in the nose... hard. I saw stars. Also, my sinuses opened up for the first time since 6 this morning, and I was able to breathe. Choirs of angels sang.

It was really hard right in that moment to choose between thanking him and disciplining him. Really, really hard. Still, I'm typing this blog as he stands in time out. I was a good mom. Just this once.


mayberry said...

I feel your pain sweetie.

i'm black betty said...

LOL! sorry...i hope your nose feels better. :P

Laurie said...

So I take it you chose the thanking him really really hard option ;). Hope you feel better soon!

Watercolor said...

Those viruses have been mutating something fierce this year. Little boogers. Hope you feel better soon!

Melinda Barton said...

Get better, girl. And expect to keep getting colds until Ace is 18. He probably brings kid germs home from school. When I worked at that elementary school in NY, I got colds constantly as did many of the teachers and staff.

Jen said...

ROFL! I am sorry but that is some kind of funny that he opened up your nose. And I can NOT imagine him standing in the corner, I'd be snickering just watching him BECAUSE he is probably smiling and that smile would melt me! haha

I hope you feel better soon. :)