Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I hate the fact that I cannot sleep.
I hate that I've spent the entire day very, very tired and I cannot sleep.
I hate that my head is spinning and I CAN NOT SLEEP.
I hate that I'm going to have to pull another Daddy card and ask Drew to take Ace to school again in the morning.
I hate getting colds.
I hate that I'm sick for like the 149857134985th time in the past 5 months. Seriously, this has GOT to stop.
I hate my cat, Nimbus. He keeps meowing outside the door, and the two times I've gone to let him in, he's run away. He must sense that if he actually comes in, I'm going to kick him solidly in the chest. Because I hate him. SHUT UP.
I hate earplugs that don't block out more than a whisper. Freakin weenie crap. I buy them to block out Drew's snoring, my cats' meowing, the constant clicking of the stupid useless air purifier in our room, and various other constant sounds.
I hate our heater. Does it have to blow at a BILLION degrees Fahrenheit?
I hate my husband's selective hearing. I've asked him I don't know how many times to reprogram the thermostat to go down to 70 at night, but has he ever done it? I think not. It'd take him like 3 seconds. I don't know how to work that freakin' thing. It's like a rocketship controlling my temperature. I only know how to turn it down when it's approaching 72 degrees and I feel like I'm going to DIE from heat stroke. I'm going to replace it with one of the ones with a dial, so I can "program" it. I bet if I told my husband to finish his stupid AR-15s that he's building, he'd hear THAT.


I hate 2:15 in the morning. That's what time it is right now and I have absolutely no hopes of going to sleep anytime soon.

I hate my nose that will not let me sleep because it's become stuffed to the point of being painful.
I hate my nose that will not let me sleep because for the nanosecond that it's not stuffy, it turns into a snot faucet and I hate that I never have any tissues around me.
I hate that regular cough drops give me (and everyone, really) cavities.
I hate that sugar-free cough drops make me fart.
I also hate that vitamin C makes me fart.
And sugar-free cookies. They're quite seriously the only things making me feel better right now, but they really make me fart.
I hate that farting and sleep are not friends.
I hate this intermittent cough. Either make me cough enough that I can justify taking the "good" cough syrup, or stop coughing. Stop with the once-every-3-hours coughing fits.

I hate that I'm going to start my period in the next few days. That is NOT making my cold any easier to handle. At all.

I hate this phase that my son is going through. Where he once would eat anything that was put in front of him, he now won't eat anything that doesn't have "fries" or "cookies" in the title. Every. Single. Meal. is a fight.
I hate that science hasn't come up with delicious, nutritious fries (ones that taste like Burger King fries, not ones that are made from baked zucchini or something else equally disgusting) or delicious, nutritious cookies (not soy protein, carob cookies sweetened with agave nectar. I'm talking Mrs. Freakin' Fields here, but with all the nutrition and calories of a salad).

I hate that I've had to pause my torrent of hate at least 5 times to blow my nose. I've only been typing 10 minutes.
I hate that every time I blow my nose, the tiniest bit of snot comes out. I'd like to justify the expense of the high falutin' lotiony puffs with a veritable river of disgustingness.
I hate my cat, Nimbus. I just let him in, and couldn't find it in my conscience to kick him solidly in the chest. I gave him an angry finger though, yes I did, and called him a really mean name, and thought really angry thoughts in his direction. That'll show him.

Oh, screw it. I haven't taken any medicine since like 10:30 this (yesterday?) morning. I'm gonna take some nighttime cold stuff and some good cough medicine. I'm gonna put a note on Drew's phone letting him know that he's going into work late yet again, unfortunately.


Sharon said...

I hope you got SOME sleep!

Aidan is doing the same thing Ace is w/ eating, and I'm getting sick of it, too. He won't eat the meal, then complains of being hungry. GRRRR!!!!

Hope you're feeling better soon.

i'm black betty said...

i'm so sorry, honey! hope you feel better SOON!!!!

Laurie said...

I can so vividly feel your negative vibe! Hope you feel better, soon.

And you're lucky he ate everything this long! Mine live on frozen organic yogurt tubes - somehow I've conviced them it's "like" ice cream, except you can have it anytime! Seriously, have you ever checked the ingredients on a go-gurt?!

Dr. Wifey said...

whoa :) feel better soon

dhcoop said...

Goodness! I sure hope you feel better soon!

Watercolor said...

oh no hun!!! Hugs!!!

(you'd hate my house... I have the heat on 69 during waking hours and 60 at night and while I'm gone during the day....)

Feel better sweetie!!!

mayberry said...

Come on Stacey. Tell us how you REALLY feel.

Just kidding hon. I really hope you are better soon.

HEATHER said...

I had the same kind of night honey! It sucks! I also got my period squarely in the middle of this flu! How's that for fun?! NOT!
Hang in there! Hope you feel better soon!

From the Doghouse said...

Yeah, but now you don't feel like going out to eat, making Lent that much easier.

Hey, silver lining wherever you can find it.

Nicole Bradshaw said...

I'm so sorry, sugar. Hope you feel better soon!

Sandi said...

Silver lining ... all that coughing counts as an abs workout. :)