Monday, March 09, 2009

Finally, an interesting post!

Here are three videos of my kid and his awesome walking/running/standing/wiggling/winking.

The winking and the wiggling:

No wonder he gets all the ladies.

The standing/walking:

His physical therapist has been working on getting him to stand for several weeks now. He'll do it at his appointments with her, but he wouldn't do it at home because there was always something around (a wall, a couch, an armoire) for him to pull himself up on. Now, he's gaining a lot more confidence and is able to do it very well.

Also, walking is pretty much old news now. He's got a LOT of confidence with it, and is starting to be able to walk on uneven surfaces and is starting to run. The running... well, it's caused some bumps and bruises. I'm much less relaxed now. He barely ever crawls around the house anymore, and I just couldn't be more proud of him. He's awesome.

I think I've finally decided on the next course of action with his therapy, too. It's called equine, or hippo, or just doggone horse-riding therapy. It is, in fact, the cheapest, but it's also what I sincerely think will be most immediately helpful. His adductors (inner thigh muscles) are very tight, so I'm thinking that straddling the horse will be extremely helpful. The other therapies/treatments I was considering didn't seem to have immediate or concrete results, so they'll be filed away in my brain for another day. Thank y'all... sooooo much... for your prayers, because God has totally led me to a very clear answer.

I'm also gonna be on the lookout for a new chair for him for us to bring to restaurants. He's getting WAY too big for high chairs (AND JUST FIGURED OUT HOW TO STAND UP IN ONE YESTERDAY OH MY GOSH) and he's too stiff for booster seats. He needs something that's got a belt that's big enough for his giant self and just a smidgen of trunk support. That'll be expensive.


Dr. Wifey said...

those winks just made my day! ;)

Melinda Barton said...

You just HAD to post these while I'm at work and unable to see video! Darn you!

Suburban Housewife...Not so much said...

See... this is the reason you're only know as Ace's mom to other people. :o) Hayden said something about Ace the other day when I was on MOMSLIKEME, and Jeff was standing behind me while I was reading a post your wrote and I said to Jeff, "No, that's Stacey, Ace's mom". That little dude is just so darn cute!!!

RhondaLue said...

My 17 yr old volunteers at a therapy center that has hippotherapy. She is really enjoying it as I'm trying to convince her to go into that field. Unfortunately, they are losing several of the kids because budget cuts are happening across the board with speech, physical, hippo, you name it-they're being cut. If you can get it for Ace do it. I know he'll love it.

How cute is *THIS*? they have a miniature horse named teaspoon that is the size of a medium dog and is for the kids with certain muscle tone issues or are just too small for the big horses. Teaspoon will pull a wagon with a lil kid in it and they have to use certain muscles to stay upright and they love watching teaspoon. I'm just so excited that Desi's volunteering there. She has so many cute kid stories to tell us.

Watercolor said...

What a cutie!

Make another one only 42 years old. haha.

Watercolor said...

I wonder if a furniture maker in town could make you a high chair seat thingy?

Melinda Barton said...

Rock the hell on! That's awesome.

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Stace!! He's standing up so STRAIGHT!!

Ahem, and remember that time you made fun of me for having to run after Clay to get his jammers on? Your time has come, my friend! Lace up those sneaks!!

Jacolyn said...

OMG!!! I'm so behind on your blog...and laundry...and well, everything. Ace is doing GREAT!!!