Friday, February 27, 2009

Let's play another game.

Without any additional information, how much would you pay for this bag?

Wow, that little? Okay, consider the fact that it's a genuine Louis Vuitton bag. That adds quite a bit of value, right? In fact, it's 15 different genuine Louis Vuitton bags all hacked up and sewn together, for that versatile look.

Also, take into consideration that there were only 24 of the bags made. It must be pretty rare. I want you to go ahead and open my comments in a different page and type in the comments what you would pay for this bag, knowing how rare it is and knowing that it's a genuine Louis Vuitton, if money were no object.

I'll wait.

Go ahead. Type.

Did you already type out the number? Because I'm about to tell y'all what it's worth.



That's a lot, right?

I lied. It's actually $45,000. FORTY freakin' FIVE freakin' THOUSAND freakin' DOLLARS.

And they're sold out. It seems that there IS such a thing as too rich.


Dr. Wifey said...

that is so freakin' ugly! apparently people with too much money do not have good taste

Lauren said...

Aww, come on... Jay-Z's gotta get Beyonce SOMETHING for their first anniversary. And Kobe Bryant needs things to buy for his wife every time he comes home with lipstick on his collar and reeking of eau du stripper.

Seriously, though... it is an ugly bag. And as someone who has trouble justifying spending more than $30 for a purse, I can't understand how people buy the regular Louis Vuitton bags, which actually do run $4500. But at least most of those aren't fugly.

Watercolor said...

Looks like something I'd laugh at at a crafts fair.

People who spend $45,000 on a purse should pay more taxes. Seriously. Cause clearly better good can be done with their money. ha.

HEATHER said...

You know Kimora Lee Simmons is the nations #1 consumer of Louis Vuitton products. Uh-huh she totally needs to pay more in taxes or be doing more for charity.
That bag is just hideous!

Mrs.H said...

I wouldn't pay more than $30 for ANY purse...ANY PURSE!

Jen said...

that is a hocked up nasty ass mess. I am sorry. You want me to make you one? I probably can. ;) hehe

That looks like a crazy find at the Salvation Army or my Granny's closet from the 1920s. seriously, UGLY!!

Jen said...

wait, I can't insult my Granny's taste like that. Even back in her early days, she had taste.

Sharon said...

OK, time for me to fess up.

I saw this and first thought it was maybe something YOU made. I wanted to be polite, but think it's UGLY. lol

I'm so glad it's not yours!!! LV or not, it's tacky. It reminds me of something Roseanne would use from her old tv show.

Melinda Barton said...

You're right. Rich people do have too much money. But it's not just the purses. Have you seen some of the butt ugly crap women wear on the red carpet? This nonsense is worth tens of thousands of dollars! Just because it has some gay boy's name associated with it. You know I loved Micah to death, but I'm not paying rolls of cash for anything he makes. Sorry.

Sandi said...

Stacey, your homemade purse was better than this. Maybe you should put it on ebay and see if you get $45K for it.

RhondaLue said...

some people have no sense at all. You could feed a small country for the price of that ONE tacky purse. Ridiculous waste. And butt ugly to boot.

Laurie said...

Thought it was a flunking home-ec project.

dhcoop said...


ok, so it's not a word, but it should be

i'm black betty said...

that's bullshit! ugh...i could make one better than that blindfolded!!!