Sunday, February 22, 2009

Awesome soaps

So at Mistletoe Marketplace, there's a soap vendor who sells the most flipping amazing smelling soaps. I bought 3 bars in November and am about to run out, so that should tell you how long they last. I love them, and thought I'd share with the world. They even have products for babies, which I just discovered.

Dirty Hippie Soaps

My favorites are Candy Cane, Approaching Lavender, and Rosemary's Stretch. MMMM. I'll be ordering more soon. Y'all should too, TRUST ME.


Watercolor said...

Wow, they like the patchouli oil don't they? lol. peeeyew! Some of the others look interesting though.

Sandi said...

You love soaps. LOL

Hey, I thought of you this weekend. My mom has some beautiful and good-smelling soap in the guest bathroom. It's clear with flowers in it. :)

mrs. misenar said...

one of my good friends is one of the owners. i can give you her number. just email me.