Monday, December 15, 2008

It's a personality flaw.

So I cannot seem to keep addresses. I used to be able to memorize addresses the moment they were given to me, but my memory has reached it's capacity so now I'm forced to write things down or save e-mails or save envelopes. Unfortunately, every one of those things gets lost before I take the time to get the addresses properly stored in my address book. So every year when Christmas card time rolls around, I spend a good 2 hours tracking down everyone's address.

My New Year's resolution: GET ADDRESS BOOK STRAIGHT.

(If you're listed in the White Pages, THANK YOU.)


Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Put them in the iPhone and get MobileMe, girl. Then when you update the contacts on your iPhone, they get synced automatically with your computer without the sync cable. Through the "cloud."

Seriously, I love my MobileMe. Have you seen those photo galleries?

HEATHER said...

Honey you are not alone!!!
Now I have to keep a little notebook on my end table just for Passwords and UserNames!
There are just too many!!!

Jen said...

I have to do the same damn thing each year! I get so MAD at myself for doing this! It's infuriating to have to chase them down. Even if I DO save them somewhere, I lose it by the time I get to Christmas to send out my cards.

sinister_n_evil said...

i am so sorry... kahuna and i were having lunch when i got your text and before i realized what i was saying.... i blerted out your message... and he just went off...I know it is a vulnerable spot... you can e-mail me.... i will keep it on the DL in the future... just ask for my e-mail... in the text.... or if rob is around... or just call.... I didn't mean to start the texting war... lol... very sorry.... cheri

Sandi said...

Ditto Christine

From the Doghouse said...

Or just do a Word file on your 'puter.

Or, even better, hand-deliver your cards - one big card-exchanging party!