Friday, December 19, 2008

he suspects nothing.

Ace has met the writer of the famous In The Doghouse blog (I'm on my phone at the moment, but y'all all know who he is) probably 2-3 times. I wouldn't think that based on that limited exposure that Doghouse would be permanently imprinted on Ace's brain, but apparently Doghouse is much more memorable than I gave the man credit for, since for the past several days, Ace has been repeatedly asking me, "Where's Mr. Doghouse*?"

When he asked this question today in his father's presence, all the while looking around as though Mr. Doghouse would pop up out of nowhere, I realized that if my husband were a more insecure person, Ace's question could've caused a lot of problems. Just as I was thinking that, Drew said "I don't know; where IS he?" while looking at me with mock suspicion.

"Mr. Doghouse is at work, honey," I said, thankful that my husband isn't a crazy person.

Now I'm going to stop dreadfully procrastinating and go into WalMart to try to square away Ace's last present with Santa.

*Name changed to protect the doghouse.


tgtank said...

I'm glad Drew is a secure person for your sake!

Jen said...

That is just hilarious! hehe The dog leaves his mark on all of us, doesn't he!?! haha

*lifts leg*

From the Doghouse said...

Wal-Mart? I thought we always met at Kroger?!

You know, being remembered by Ace may be one of the coolest things that's ever happened to me. I'm sure it's my peek-a-boo between the booths that put me over the top! We'll all have to get together again soon (preferably at a place where we get seated faster).

And Jen ... my little fire hydrant ...


Sandi said...

Ace almost put doghouse In The Doghouse. Heh.

Alice said...

Ace rocks...that's all there is to it.