Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, 2008. Peace out.

I haven't made a New Year's resolution in several years, but I'm making one for 2009 that should only take me a month or so to accomplish. I'm going cuss-free, y'all. I've got 6 hours to get everything out of my system, so here goes:

Well... I still have standards on my blog, at least.

I'll be flipping the bird to 2008 tonight in the best way possible - with some good friends, some Hornsby's Cider, and like a hundred reruns of The Twilight Zone.

I hope y'all have a great AND SAFE night. Happy New Year.


Sharon said...

Seriously? No more cussing?
I admire your courage. I would fail miserably w/ that resolution. Good Luck to ya!!

Happy New Year!

RhondaLue said...

Just say DAGNABBIT. That word'll work in any situation you might find yourself in. pffft!

Happy New Year!

HEATHER said...

My mom and I watch the TZ marathon together every year. This year it is from her hospital room and she is mostly sleeping. One thing that helped me with the cursing around the kid, was trying to put myself in the mindset of being around some of my relative who are very devout, and religious. I am sure that there are people like that in your life that you would never curse around. Just try to put yourself in that mindset.

Watercolor said...

I am working on that one, too. Hugs!!!

mrs. misenar said...

happy 2009, dear heart!

Nicole Bradshaw said...

I'm with you. So far, I'm doing pretty well. I've noticed that it's only around certain people that I have a tendency to backslide.

The rubber band around the wrist has been working for me.

Crawdaddy79 said...


Love you as well.

Good luck on the resolution. Next time I'm at your house I'll continuously drop canned goods on your feet to see how well you're holding up.

Sandi said...

Is that why you were wearing that rubber band when I came over Nicole?


Best of luck to you Stacey and happy New Year!

i'm black betty said...

wow...i couldn't do that if i go!

Koontah said...

Would this have anything to do with Ace's outburst?