Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ace is ready to get out of bed.

So, instead of getting him up and feeding him a healthy breakfast like a good mother would, I'll let him sit in his crib for a few more minutes to provide my blog readers with another entertaining episode of Ace's Monologues.

"Mommy, where aaarrreeeee youuuuu? Want milk? Deee-ah! Deeee-AAHH. Nutria is Spanish for otter.* Hello, how are you? Gooood! How old him? He's two. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Elephant, elephant, elephant, elephant, where aaarrreee youuuuu? Triangle says... triangle says... DEEEE-AAAHHH. Radio. Radio. IDIOT. Don't push me!! Umdalowhaaayyyyhahahah! Hear the plane? AIYEEEE!* Get up, kitty. Kitty, UP. Um, oh no. No. No. No. No. No. Wullezabudeezeezaazeezaazezaaaa! Zip it up. ZIP IT UP, MAMA. Wan go see mama and dada?"

I guess I'll go get him up now.

*These are quotes from his new favorite book, Louisiana Alphabet by Laurie Parker. He absolutely adores this book and asks us to read it to him constantly. "Wan read Weezee-anna?"


i'm black betty said...


mayberry said...

It's nice that you're able to sit there and enjoy that little bit of entertainment. When Mini-me was about his age and younger, as SOON as I heard her stirring in the morning I had to go get her up or she would start shedding her pajamas and diaper.

Nicole Bradshaw said...

You MUST tell me the noise the fire truck makes. He kept asking me, "What does the fire truck say?" and I kept coming up with every fire truck noise I could think of. He'd just look at me like, "You so crazy!"

Then, when I'd ask HIM what noise the fire truck made, he'd laugh and give me this, "Lady, if you don't know, I'm not gonna tell you," look.

So you gotta fill me in here.

From the Doghouse said...

Who originally said what to him? Who's he quoting?

And I love that book.

HEATHER said...

"DEEEE-AAAHHH" is this dear?
It's all too cute!

Jen said...

My favorite quote: "IDIOT DONT PUSH ME!" hahahaaha Crazy kid! Wonder where he got IDIOT from? Maybe mama's road rage? LOL! Just kidding. That is TOO cute.