Tuesday, November 18, 2008

picture post!

So my mom's birthday was a couple of weeks ago. I made her a sugar-free, gluten-free cake. It was by no means delicious, but it got the job done - that is to say, I could put candles in it and it didn't make my mom sick. Win-win.

I made some sugar-free frosting, but it broke apart and tasted absolutely HORRIBLE. So I grabbed a tube of cookie icing and let Ace go to town. The results... well, at least they made my mom laugh.

Ace would put some icing on the cake, put some on his finger, put some on the cake, put some on his finger, lick his finger, lick the tube of icing... At one point, he stuck his finger in the cake and filled the hole with icing, then just kept scooping the icing out of the hole and eating it. That crater behind the middle candle? Yeah, that's all Ace.

I spent the day today with my Precious Princess Peach, also known as Laura, my niece.

Must... eat... dimples...

My sister brought her up today so she could get the feeding tube taken out of her stomach. Apparently, they just popped it out, no surgery, no stitches, nothing, which is SO WEIRD. She's been doing great since her surgery and has even been gaining steady weight.

Here's a picture of my "special" friend Emily.

Anyway, back to Laura (who, by the way, Ace calls "Low-ah").

And here's my sister. Don't want her to feel left out.

I'm gonna go make some soup, since it was frighteningly cold outside today. YUCK.


i'm black betty said...

i could chew that baby's cheeks off...not really, but you know what i mean. ADORABLE!!!

looks like somebody sneezed on that cake! ace did a fabulous job decorating. :)

Watercolor said...

Cute baby!!!!

Ace is a great cake decorator! He is the next Ace of Cakes! ha!

Sharon said...

Nice. I like Ace's cake-decorating skills. Awesome, mad skills.

I'm curious. What temp constitutes "frighteningly cold"? Here tonight we're going down to EIGHTEEN!

Dr. Wifey said...

OMG! that baby is presh!
my capcha is frecking....i've had some WEIRD ones today

HEATHER said...

Sweetie, it's 22 degrees here in the Bluegrass tonight, we got your frighteningly cold right here!!
I bet Ace was a pure doll working with that icing! I love to hear him talk on the videos you post, so I bet him saying Low-rah, is just too cute!
Those dimples on Laura are just too much!

Alice said...


mayberry said...

I love to let Mini-me decorate stuff! =) It's SO worth the mess.

I love the new layout!

That baby is just TOO adorable.

Emily said...

You Devil!!!

Despite the complete and utter randomness... the pic didn't get by me!! Almost. I do applaud the effort!!!

I guess I should be quiet. I'm pretty sure you have a MUCH worse pic that you could have posted.

Have I told you how much I love and miss you lately???!!!