Wednesday, November 19, 2008

mah biscuit is burnin'!!!

Just got a steroid shot and dude, my right butt cheek is on FIRE. I guess I'll be sitting like Mr. Roid for the rest of the day.

The wee doctor is apparently writing me a script for some cough medicine. Ooh, I hope it's the good stuff. 27 straight hours of sleep will almost make the last 2 and a half hours worthwhile.

I'm standing in the checkout line!!! Yes!!

I'm going to Newk's for lunch today, and nobody can stop me.


mayberry said...

Newks! Aww man! Oh well, I'm planning on a trip there tomorrow so I guess I can wait.

Hope yo' bizkit it better soon! And I hope you got the Endal for cough - that stuff is like liquid candy!!! I love me a good Endal induced nap.

i'm black betty said...

der go yo bizkits... :D

HEATHER said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Alice said...

you called your butt a biscuit...I haven't heard that since college....refreshing. Now add some coffee and Neill Diamond...and that'll take me back to some good times.