Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Interesting questions

Y'all are... creative. I'll do some selections, but as per the "rules," I have to answer all of Dave's questions. I won't do them all today.

From Sharon:
Did you go to college?
Yes, at the University of New Orleans, for about 5 minutes. Okay, closer to 2 semesters. However, due to my unmedicated ADD (the real kind, not the "ooh shiny" kind) and my overwhelming search for male attention, I didn't do too well. I started out as an education major and after having taught economics to a class full of post-recess 5th graders who preferred to tell me how much they loved me instead of actually listening or sitting down, decided that wasn't the course for me. I changed to a French major, and just what does one do with a French major? After Spring Break, Mardi Gras break, a nasty breakup and a stint with a psychiatrist for self-injury, I realized that college was not a high priority in my life and I'd only gone there because it was what I was supposed to do. Dropped out with a 1.2-ish GPA, and that's after skipping 3 out of 4 of my finals. Having tried to take a few classes here and there since, I know that higher learning isn't my cup of tea.

(Having said all that negative stuff, I have to say that while the year I was there was absolutely the most tumultuous of my life, I made lasting and forever friendships there and met Drew in the university center cafeteria exactly 10 years ago this month. While the time sucked, the results of having gone there have brought me nothing but happiness.)

Did you go on a honeymoon?
I was married in California, 2000 miles away from most of my family. I was not about to be whisked away for a honeymoon while my dad, stepdad, and mom were in town, so Drew and I just shacked up in the Hacienda Hotel, whose website is much nicer than the hotel itself, and did our newlywed thing between eating with my family and touring my dad around Hollywood. I spent most of the time at the hotel either sick to my stomach or in pain, so it wasn't all that fun. We went to Vegas the next month though and had plenty of fun there!

Had Ace been a girl, what would her name have been?
Madeleine, but we weren't 100% sure. We could have 8 boys and not run out of names, but dadgum if we can come up with a girl's name.

From Dave:
Help the brother out- You have been asked to create an exit strategy for the War in Iraq. How do you transition out?
As quickly as we "transitioned" in. I guess there has to be more than that, like ensuring a stable government, but we sure don't need to stay as long as the region is unstable. We made it that way.

From the Doghouse:
That's what I wanna know!

From Black Betty:
what's the better ingredient in spinach and artichoke dip? cream cheese or garlic? i'm waiting...
I don't use cream cheese in my spinach and artichoke dip (which is the ultimate spinach and artichoke dip TRY ME) so I guess garlic.


mayberry said...

Very interesting.

I have a question. When is there gonna be another blogger lunch so I can finally meet you and the adorable Ace?

HEATHER said...

Here's a question for you; How's the Lexapro thing going?
Hope you feel better.