Tuesday, November 04, 2008

how I'm feeling

a) half drunk
b) kinda happy

Re: a - I am SUCH an easy drunk. You'd think that with a family fulla drunks it'd take a good bit more than one dadgum Hornsby's Amber Draft to give me the giggles, but it doesn't.

Also, I'm kinda happy. While I don't like Obama overall, we really did need a change in the country. George W. Bush took us halfway to hell, and 4-8 more years of a dude who agreed with Bush most of the time would've taken us all the way there. I'm fairly terrified of the Marxist bent of Obama's politics though, so I'm not totally happy. I just DESPISE McCain. I think I feel the opposite of the old adage - the devil I don't know is better than the devil I do know. Instead of knowing exactly where we'd go with McCain, I'm looking forward to seeing what Obama has in store.

In response to y'all's questions, I didn't vote for either of them because they both suuuuuuuuck. If I'd voted for either of them, I'd be going against everything I want for Ace's future, and I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. Voting for people hangs on my conscience. I honestly wish a hole would just swallow both of them and the memory of them and we could start over with better candidates.

Um, I love all of you who say you're moving to Canada because Obama is president. The irony, it makes me happy.

I'm gonna watch Obama's "PWND" speech and hit the sack. What a fun night.


Sharon said...

I think you should drink more often. :) I love the post!

Jen said...

canada-good hunting, pot is legal. LOL! j/k!

Mexico-no comment. Costa Rica is pretty.

It's all in fun. My ass ain't leaving Mississippi. Born & raised here, its home. regardless.

He just isn't getting my guns. ;)

RhondaLue said...

I'm with Jen....ain't gettin' our guns and we sure as heck aren't supporting marxist type politics. he's scary, McCain was (in my opinion) slightly less scary but they both suck. I just think our economy is about to get rougher than we've ever seen. (HOPE I'M WRONG!!!)

Alice said...

yeah the changes Obama suggest a wonderful ideas for this country....wtfever

Dr. Wifey said...

yum, Hornsby's!

Melinda Barton said...

Obama/Biden/Reid/Pelosi are a disaster waiting to happen. Sorry, but it's true. I wasn't exactly about voting McCain, but I did it. Now, I think I should be rewarded by getting to see Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain make out. Just sayin'

Amanda Wells said...

Yeah, my husband's been talking Costa Rica for months.

Watercolor said...

Change is good. Scary sometimes, but good.

From the Doghouse said...

Um, I love all of you who say you're moving to Canada because Obama is president.

Wonder if they'll follow through any better than the ones who said they were moving there if Bush (Sr. and Jr.) were elected.

Kayra said...

well, the fact remains the President can't do much without Congress. So, in my opinion, that's where the power is.
PS, anyone who is moving. Panama is WAY more beautiful than Costa Rica or Canada. ;-)

Erin Steele (previously Domeyer) said...

I am very happy with Obama and just hope that he can prove to make the changes he says he will. If so life for the middle class should get a little better! I like you drinking also. Also I understand abou the getting drunk off one..shoot a wine cooler has me tipsy for quite a while...Your posts are always great1

i'm black betty said...

you had hornsby's??? heffa!