Saturday, November 08, 2008

conversations with Ace

Ace: "What's a chicken say?"
Drew: "Bok bok bok!"
Ace: "What's a brown bear say?"
Drew: "Roar!"
Ace: "What's a monkey say?"
Drew: "Ooo ooo aah aah!"
Ace: "What's a Granny say?"
Drew: "Hey honey!"
Ace: "What's a moon say?"
Drew: "Hey. I'm a moon."

He likes soba noodles.


Watercolor said...

Where are y'all eating?

Stacey said...

The "new" Ichiban. The one with the hibachis and sushi bar. My food wasn't that great - I got the chicken yaki soba. I was expecting grilled chicken and soba noodles in broth... what I got was chicken tempura and soba noodles and some veggies in broth. The edamame appetizer was a pretty generous portion, as was the shrimp tempura appetizer that Ace got for supper. I think I'll just stick to my tried and true favorite in the future - chicken teriyaki.

Drew says his spicy tuna roll was "pretty good - four out of five stars."

Dr. Wifey said...

hey, i'm a moon! LOL he is so funny

Jen said...

oooooo I didn't know the new Ichiban grill was open yet! I was thinking yall were at the old one by the picture. I am going to have to try it out now :) hehe I have been wanting a good salt dosage.

I love those noodles too! The ones they have on the buffet are the bomb!

Jen said... sidetracked! Love the convo wit Ace..Sounds like me except I would MAKE ALL THE SOUNDS with the Ol McDonald song. LOL!