Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today's plans

I can go one of 3 ways today.

Option 1:

1. Drop Ace off at school.
2. Mull around Flowood for a few hours, which actually means do some aimless shopping and we don't really have any aimless money, or drop in uninvited to someone's house.
3. Attend a meeting for local at-home moms, which I know I would really quite enjoy, plus I could return some stuff that I borrowed from some people.
4. Eat lunch somewhere in Flowood.
5. Pick Ace up from school, come home, do laundry.

Option 2:

1. Drop Ace off at school.
2. Come home and clean the grout in the kitchen, which the kitchen desperately needs. I curse the day I chose tile instead of laminate flooring. CURSE.
3. Pick Ace up from school, come home, do laundry.

Option 3:

1. Drop Ace off at school.
2. Come home, take a looong nap because I am so, so tired ALL THE TIME and I feel like I've taken a double dose of Benadryl and I totally haven't and that alarm at 6 am is feeling more and more like a punishment every single day and I'M GESTATING, DANGIT.
3. Pick Ace up from school, come home, do laundry NAP MORE.

The first two are just so ambitious. Can't I please just do those in my next trimester?


Sharon said...

I vote for option #3!!

i'm black betty said...

option 3! i PRAYED for the days in the first trimester when i could go home and take a nap. i will live vicariously through you instead.


Dr. Wifey said...

definitely #3! housework and meetings are overrated, naps are good :o)

mayberry said...

I say nap while you can sister.

Jo said...

I agree... option 3. Everything else can wait.

Jen said...

option 3! heh! Then, you will have energy after that spectacular NAP & then you can clean up a little bit! :)


Amanda Wells said...

#3... enjoy naps while you can. Once baby #2 gets here, you can kiss those goodbye. And probably cleaning the grout in your kitchen too - you won't have time for that either.