Thursday, September 18, 2008

so, what's up?

Y'all have donated over $250 so far toward the fundraiser for Ace's school. Have I mentioned how awesome y'all are? I still wanna get to that $1,000 goal. I might get desperate toward the end. Stay tuned. Till then, hook up those donations, and please make sure you put "Ace" in the dedication field.

Ace moved into another classroom with kids that the director felt were closer to his cognitive level if not his physical level. He was a little uncomfortable at first, because the kids in there are older and make lots of random loud noises (exactly the kind that scare him so badly) so he cried a LOT the first few days. Now he cries right when I leave and he's pretty much over it.

I don't usually wake Ace up till 7, but he's in his bed right now going "Maaammaaaaa... what're you doooinggggg? Maammmmmmaaaaaaaaaa."

I had yet another blood test on Monday and it didn't look very good. The hormone level I told y'all about is supposed to double every 48-72 hours, and according to my calculations, it's doubling every 73 hours. Could be a glitch, but really, this isn't a good thing, even though it's only an hour off. I get another blood test today, another ultrasound, and another doctor's appointment. Yay. Being pregnant is so much fun.

Everyone say a prayer for my good friend Emma B today. After a complete train wreck of a pregnancy (hyperemesis gravidarum for 16-ish weeks, pre-term labor starting at 25 weeks, bed rest for the past 3 months, and I lost count of the number of times she went into the hospital to stop the labor...) she's finally made it to 38 weeks and will be delivering a baby boy today. I am so excited for her and can't wait to meet said baby boy, who will be from this day forward referred to as my cuddly widdle wuffalumps.

Ace says "Want my PACI! What're you doing maaaammmaaa? Want some honey bunnies? Want dada? Wan' see dada? Dada go poopoo? WANT PACI. PPAAAACCCIIIIII. What're you doing, dada? Jesus loves me. PICK ME UP PICK ME UP PICK ME UP. Want peanut butter, BABE. RIGHT NOW. Oommmm. Yeah. Ommmm. Yeah." I guess he won't be needing his coffee this morning.


Mrs.H said...

He is very vocal in the morning. I wonder if that will change as he gets older. I can't get my girls (11 & 13) to utter a word until they've been up at least 45 minutes!

i'm black betty said...

LOL! he sounds like the diva! :)

good luck today. you're in my prayers.

mayberry said...

Take care sweetie.

From the Doghouse said...

I want to see him on Red Bull.

Watercolor said...

oy, a morning child. lol. Good thing you are up!


Jen said...

Awesome that he is awake & talking so much that early in the morning. He is apparently adapting to school very well and that is great!

GOOD LUCK TODAY! Hope all is well with the tests.

And, I have been meaning to ask, how is Ace's walking without his canes? I haven't seen you say much since you posted the Utube. Was curious to see how he is doing! :)

dhcoop said...

I love reading your posts quoting Ace! So funny!

Hugs and prayers for you and your friend.

Jennifer said...

Okay, so prayers are going up for the baby right now!!! Please let us know as soon as you hear something! Ugh! I remember these days (and the ones your friend is having--That was my story 100%!!)

Watercolor said...

Donation done. A little later than expected, but done finally nonetheless.