Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The rest of my birthday, and other random things

The Stacey from the block (thanks, doghouse) party went amazingly well, despite the fact that it got started roughly an hour late. Mostly my fault, but I'm blaming it on the fact that I was doing it alone.

However, life doesn't suck when you have 3 foxy firemen show up to your imagined birthday party, then turn it into your real birthday party by singing happy birthday to you over their loudspeaker. Word.

(Thanks to Alice, Black Betty, and Supermom for the cards yesterday. I love y'all.)

Got my driver's license this morning without a hitch (except for the $1 late renewal fee, grmblgrrblarg). I actually even look pretty good in the picture. Unfortunately, remember how yesterday I said I was glad Ace didn't yell "NUTS" while we were waiting? I can't say the same today. I don't know where he got it from, SERIOUSLY, but I think it's unbelievably hilarious to hear the kid yell "NUTS!" out of nowhere, especially in the middle of the IHODL.

Today's major bummer was stepping on the scale and realizing I'm dangerously close to my red alert weight. Over the past several months of life's glitches, I've gained 7 pounds, and I'm hella bummed about it. I'm thinking about hitting Weight Watchers tomorrow. That, or crystal meth. Meth is probably cheaper.

Sigh. Ace just woke up from a refreshing 10-minute nap. I gave him Benadryl because the bites on his arms are looking seriously painful, and I know they've gotta itch. A Benadryl-spiked kid + a 10-minute nap = a freaking wonderful afternoon. Double sigh.


Alice said...

Yeah, but meth rots your teeth out. Double trouble on the dentist bill....and yo hair would get all funky...I'm just sayin'

Erin (Domeyer) Steele said...

Don't worry about 7 pounds i am still trying to lose 45!!!!! After having my son i thought i was on the fast track to losing weight with the breastfeeding but since he didn't cooperate and the thin mint blizzards arrived at Dairy Queen i am $*&@ out of luck! Happy birthday again we all love your blogs!

Watercolor said...

Firefighters sang you happy birthday on their loudspeaker?! SWEET!

Supermom said...

yeah, but the real kicker would have been if the firefighters STRIPPED as they sang.

mayberry said...

What is it with the Benadryl? Everybody I know says it knocks their kid out - it hypes Mini-me up faster than ice cream!