Monday, August 11, 2008

But I'm a special snowflake!

Scene: Library parking lot, handicap spots. Ace and I get out of the car and a woman pulls into a designated handicap spot with neither the appropriate tag nor placard, and bounds happily out of her car. I give the benefit of the doubt.

Me: Ma'am? You forgot to put up your handicap placard.
Her: My what?
Me: Your handicap placard. For your rearview mirror.
Her: I don't have one.
Me: Oh, you're parked in a handicap spot. I'd hate for you to get towed.
Her: Oh, it's a handicap spot?
Me: Yeah. It's blue.
Her: *mumble grumble something about just being a minute mumble walk away.*

We both get to the circulation desk around the same time, and she walks away to the computers. I decide that if she's not gone by the time I leave, I'll ask the library to get her towed. I stood at the desk for probably 3-4 minutes while the librarian tried to figure out what they'd done with my reserved book (Oh, we didn't call you to let you know it was in and you didn't come pick it up so we sent it back, would you like a book on developing your extra-sensory perception?). As I was handing over my card to request the book again, the lady walked past me.

Her: *touches me on arm* See? It was just a minute.
Me: Mm-hmm. I hope nobody actually needed that spot.
Her: Heh heh uh heh. *walks away*


Watercolor said...

That b*tch. She couldn't walk a few more feet and park in a regular spot? Parking spaces are only 9 feet wide! I hope she is met at her death with that image again and has to explain why she couldn't walk 9 more feet to God. What a lame human being.

I *love* how you handled it though. Because you can't always tell from looking at someone that they need the HC spot. Some people with my head condition qualify and look completely fine. Except for the fact that their heads will explode and take out their eyeballs if they get their heart rate up too high walking too far in our southern heat.

Bird said...

I think you handled it well, but I would have tattled on her ass immediately. I'm a beach like that.

mayberry said...

I love your smartaleckness. =)

Supermom said...

PERFECTLY handled! Way to go.

That is SO a pet peeve of mine.

Once I was in a car with 4 girls at college and the driver was pulling into a handicapped spot by the dorms.


She said, "oh it's OK, I have a handicap tag because this is my grandmother's car!"

I replied, "The handicap tag is for your grandmother, not your car. Your car isn't handicapped. And I refuse to get out of this car until you move it."

Which she did. She really thought it was OK. Duh....

From the Doghouse said...

She needs a copy of that episode of Seinfeld.

From the Doghouse said...

BTW, you've been tagged.

mayberry said...

Not to copy, but I tagged you too!

Sandi said...

Grr ... What a twit. Some people ..

Jacolyn said...

You are so much braver than me. I saw money park in a handicapped spot at the mall in her very expensive Mercedes. She then got out in her high heels. No placard. I was furious!!!!!!

Jacolyn said...

money park? note to me...don't doubt task.

Jacolyn said...

omg....DOUBLE TASK!!....i'm shutting up now...geez