Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mommy award

Last week, I put Ace in his walker when we went to the orthopedic surgeon's office. We parked really close to the elevator, so I figured it wouldn't be too bad. I was wrong.

Now, those of y'all who have seen him in it know he can haul some serious booty. If he takes off, I have to run to keep up with him. He's by no means slow.

For some reason, the parking garage at St. Dominic's fascinated him. He was making his way toward the elevator one... slow... step... at... a... time. Once we finally got to the elevator bay and the elevator doors opened, Ace sloooowly made his way through the doors, and stopped about halfway in.

Those of y'all who have seen Ace in the walker know that if he doesn't want to go, HE DON'T GO.

This made the elevator ANGRY, so it started to close. I put my hand through the door, then finally had to force it open with my ample derriere so Ace could get through. Of course I was seriously annoyed, and the elevator was annoyed right back and beeping loudly at me, which caused a little breakdown in Ace, making it even more of a challenge to get him through the doors.

So, while holding the elevator door open with my butt, I managed to pick my son and his walker up, move him forward a few feet, put him back down, comfort him, push the button for the 9th floor, and cuss right back at the dang elevator that wanted to get all snarky with me while trying to crush my son.

By the time we got up to the doctor's office, I was a bit frazzled, and we were running a little late. The doors to the office were wide open and about 30 feet away from the elevator. I walked through the doors, telling Ace "come on, sweetheart!" the whole way. Again... walking... so... slowly... When I first walked in and said that, I garnered a few looks from the people in the waiting room. When I said "Dude, come on, get the lead out," I garnered a few more looks.

Now I really wonder what those people must have thought of me when a moment later, my child limped slowly through the door in a walker.


Susan said...

Hopefully, being an ortho office, most of the people had at least a little inkling of understanding! Who am I kidding. They were probably on cell phones with DHS reporting you.

Watercolor said...

Heh. Oh well. You'll never see them again. Moms never win. ;)

HEATHER said...

He he! I'm with Watercolor, at least you won't see those people again!

sinister_n_evil said...

i say screw them! you are trying to make your son a functional member of society...

who cares what they think...

Go ACE... i can help him take on elevator doors... just bring it!

Christy said...

hahahaha! LOLOLOL!!!

See, you could not convince me of that considering he raced me to the door at the CL. .

Are you making this up??

He's strategic in his approach to frame you into a guilt spun candy spree just for him.. Pretty sure of it.

black betty said...

ROTFLMAO!!! i can see it now... :D

The DP said...

this stuff only happens to you, I'm convinced