Friday, May 16, 2008

What a pretty little girl!

I think I'm going to have to buy a shirt for Ace that says "I have a penis" on it. No fewer than 5 times in the past two weeks, he's been called a pretty girl. Once, he was called beautiful, and when I said "yes he is!" the lady looked startled. One old man said "Cut his hair before everyone thinks he's a girl, Mom!" Why can't I just dress him in shirts with trucks and dinosaurs all over them? Doesn't that cancel out the luxurious curly blonde hair?

I can't do it, man. The three of us took a walk yesterday evening because it was absolutely gorgeous outside. Because of the high humidity, Ace's hair twirled into all these perfect little ringlets. They are so freaking cute.

He's gonna have to get gum inextricably stuck in his hair or something before he gets a haircut. It gets in his eyes, so at least his bangs are gonna need some work. I ain't touchin' it. I'll inadvertently give him a mullet, and mullets run in my family. I'm trying to break the pattern.


black betty said... doesn't matter what a child's hair looks like or what you do to it....there will always be those persons dat be STUPID!!

i had a lady once ask me how old my son was. i had the diva dressed in a pink dress with a pink bow in her hair...i told the lady she needed to get a new prescription for her glasses if she thought my DAUGHTER looked like a boy! heffa!


p.s. i LOVE ace's hair!

Jennifer said...

We get this, too--UGH!--and my child will never, ever have ringlets...he's just bald. If you lift up the sides of his hair, he is bald right up to the top of his head. If I cut his hair short, he will not only have the mullet (that I also have a lot of in my extended family), but he'll have a mohawk, too. What would that be? A mohullet? Either way, he looks better with his girl hair. I guess I just have to deal with the, "Is that a boy or a girl?" for a little bit longer. Come on, people....Landon looks nothing like a girl and neither does Ace--duh!

Kayra said...

I'm with black betty, no matter what, some people are just stupid. I've been asked gazillion times if the boys are twins (duh! why else would I have 2 the same age?) and if they are boys. Do not touch his hair, it's gorgeous.

JesusThroughMary said...

Are you aware that hair grows back after it's cut? Or that shorter hair still curls?

Just a thought.

Sharon said...

They're idiots. Plain & simple.
Besides, Ace is such a cute little BOY. People that think otherwise are dumb.

And I still maintain NOT to cut his hair. ;)

JesusThroughMary said...

Am I taking crazy pills? Give the kid a haircut.

I'd love to hear Drew's opinion on the matter.

Alice said...

Is that my chair, you thief!!! Hahah....Looks awesome in black in white. I am NOT responsible or liable if it falls apart on him!!

Stacey said...

Alice - didn't you leave that there after FryDay?

Sandi said...


My daughter had no hair until she was almost 3. We'd have her in nothing but pink and people would still use the masculine pronouns.

msudeere said...

I think his hair looks great .. I hated those crew cuts when I was young