Monday, May 12, 2008

Case of the Mondays

I'd like to start out my Monday by giving a big UP YOURS to the University of Mississippi Medical Center's accounting department. You continue to try to suck the joy out of my life, and your hold music is AWFUL.

At least Ace is sleeping in and I can try to get some of this taken care of, although I suspect my yelling at the "supervisor" may have stirred him just now.

May I just say, on a positive note, that the collections agency to which you erroneously submitted our file is unbelievably helpful and friendly, and much more interested in helping us get this bill paid than you have been.

It's been 6 freaking months.


mayberry said...

Oh God bless you.

I hate Hospital/Clinic/Medical billing departments of all kinds.

HEATHER said...

Give 'em hell!!